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    So many window treatments!

    There’s a lot that goes into creating the design and decorating of our homes.  I know that I sometimes search endlessly for paint chips and patterns to create the ambience that I desire.   An Interior Designer has suggested to me that window coverings are a vital part of those decisions and that the trend in fashion today is to create a layered look in my rooms.

    Sometimes the room itself dictates which window treatments I should be using as the architecture of the building won’t allow drapery or curtains, making blinds my best option.

    Start with the basic treatment

    Blinds are so varied now, offering many choices for each room, and while I don’t want them to have identical window treatments, I do want consistency.  (https://2goblinds.com) offers many options to dress up your windows.  I’ve looked into flat rolled shades, for a minimalist look – or luxurious wooden slatted louvers for dramatic flair.  The possibilities are endless!

    I’ve found natural woven shades are a great choice to use throughout my home, dressed up with drapery to suit the decor of each room.  Sometimes I like to be a bit playful with light and shadows – then I choose the slatted louvers from a wide variety of colors to add to the mood.

    Once I’ve decided on style and functionality I think about the maintenance and durability of my choice.  I know that these qualities ensure that I have chosen something for a lifetime.

    Choose for the use of the room!

    I find that window coverings rather than draperies are great in any house with children and pets or rental/vacation homes.  Moist or damp environments such as workshops or basements as well – actually anywhere cleaning time and maintenance is a premium.

    Top choices from today’s designers include wooden blinds, cordless blinds, roller shades and bamboo blinds.  If you’re like me and have a tough time deciding, call Luke at 2goblinds, (416) 707-9887.  Luke is a great resource with the knowledge and sales experience that will make your final choices and installation an easy process.  Check what he has at https://www2goblinds.com

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