So many couples planning weddings this year are really worried about facing a re-occurrence of what happened in 2020.

    "Mini-mony" - A New Way of Wedding

    We’ve discovered that if you’re looking to become legal spouses sooner rather than later – hosting a socially-distanced “Mini-mony”, with plans for a larger wedding in the future has become the new norm.

    If wedding vows are on your mind for this year, Reverend Jessie Brandon of Touchstone Moments is a wonderful person to discuss what’s what in planning your vows.

    New and Exciting Wedding Trends!

    This year’s wedding trends reflect major shifts in the industry.  Most recently we’ve been told the major change is “smaller but bigger”.

    Changes are very small guest lists, very luxe food and floral choices with over the top attire.

    There’s even a move to “shift” weddings where guests arrive at carefully staggered times!

    Social Media - A Must!

    With social media a mainstay of life now – the “watch parties” are becoming a “must have” as well.

    Reverend Jessie tells us that Facebook groups and couples wedding websites are more popular than ever – where your guest can keep up to date with Covid protocols and the wedding plans for the day.

    One interesting tip is to choose a weekday wedding.  Usually weekday venue rentals are far less expensive.  With fewer guests and no ability to travel, couples can find significant savings.

    Outdoor Venues Suited to Larger Numbers

    Reverend Jessie also reminds us that outdoor wedding venues allow more family and friends in attendance, so consider your backyard or a public park if your numbers just can’t be reduced any further.

    She also mentions that here in Barrie the most beautiful wedding spots are down by the water, or Sunnidale Park.  Both areas surround you with such wonderful elements.  Most exciting is that you don’t require special permits or even permission from the City to use those spaces.  (Again helping to reduce costs.)

    The New "Luxe"!

    While buffets are not allowed anymore the new norm is an individual charcuterie board, servers taking drinks orders and plated meal service.

    What a feeling of luxury! – And a solid safety measure.

    Thinking outside the box, the trendiest couples are hiring comedians or celebrity impersonators for entertainment rather than face a half empty dance floor.

    Keep planning your wedding – it can happen!  Reverend Jessie Brandon of Truthwell in Barrie is here to help.

    About Reverend Jessie...

    Being a Life Cycle Celebrant and an Ordained Metaphysical Minister at Touchstone Moments; under the umbrella of the Truthwell Community, Reverend Jessie offers services that are both different and unique.

    Not being associated with any particular church, Reverend Jessie brings spirituality to the service as she relates your “love story” to your guests.

    Bringing in the elements of the Universe, earth, water, fire and air, the service is a very intimate experience, both personal and loving.

    Reverend Jessie also has a brick and mortar meeting place for anyone on a spiritual journey.  Helping to guide you to your answers is such an important part of her work within that community.

    Truthwell Community holds space at Jeevanaya Wellness, 40 Bell Farm Rd #14.  This is where questions can be asked, meditation practiced and fellowship shared through spiritual discussions and workshops.

    Under the Truthwell umbrella, Reverend Jessie also welcomes guests to The Healing Parlour at 51 Morton Crescent for Reiki infused Energy sessions, guided meditation and more.

    So if wedding vows are on your mind don’t delay you plans any longer –plan a mini-mony with an “I do –Redo” to follow.

    Call and make your special plans with Reverend Jessie today!!

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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