The Art Of Websiting


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Ever heard the term websiting?

It’s an apt phrase coined by Xpagefy that encapsulates the process of building a website, including the planning and prepping that goes into building your online platform.

You may have an idea of what you want a website to look like, but to realize that vision, websiting is critical.

Scroll on for tips from the crew at Xpagefy to ensure your site sizzles!  


First up, you’ll need to ensure you have a wealth of keywords on your site.

You can find the types of keywords your target audience uses to find products and services similar to yours with Google Trends and other keyword research sites.

Once you’ve identified those keywords, begin writing the content; pages, blogs, descriptions. Basically anywhere on your site that has information, should have keywords. 

Home Page

The content on the home page is effectively a tagline. It should give your readers a quick (but precise) overview of what you do and what services you provide.

Now, you may want to use the home page to identify other important pages on your site, such as pricing, an “About Us” section, or examples of your work.

Think of your homepage as a billboard. The content here should be tailored to make that billboard stand out, while continuing to make use of keywords.


Logos & Colour Themes

Creating a logo may be something you have to outsource to a designer (depending on your graphic design skills).

Regardless of whether it’s you or someone you hire, the logo should look professionally designed, clean and crisp.

In addition, a short tag line to accompany the logo will help grab your audience’s attention.

When it comes to colour themes, you should ensure the logo and the theme for your site match. Furthermore, you should spend time researching popular or trending colour schemes that relate to your business/product/service, and incorporate those into your website and logo.

Build It And They Will Come

And now you are ready to build your site! 

Moreover, when it’s time to launch, Xpagefy will make it simple.

Their website building tool is designed for anyone at any level of web expertise. The drag-and-drop site is extremely easy to use. At the same time, your site will be securely hosted and includes on-demand management. 

Have you ever had crazy website woes? Tell us your story here!

Are you a Barrie area business looking to expand your digital footprint? Let us know! We’ll get you Uncovered!

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