Super E-Bikes – A Summer of Riding

Super E-Bikes - A Summer of Riding

Hit The Trails Around Simcoe County This Summer With Modern Mobility From Super E-Bikes

Now that the trails are alive with the sounds of cyclists enjoying the weather, it’s the perfect time of year to try out a new and exciting way to explore the paths around town: E-Bikes! 

And if you’ve never taken a spin on an Electric Bike, it’s absolutely the time to give one a try.

Super E-Bikes - A Summer of Riding
Super E-Bikes - A Summer of Riding

The Benefits To E-Biking

Super E-Bike’s electric bicycles offer the same great benefits as traditional bicycles, with modern touches to improve your experience.

Primary among the enhancements that E-bikes provide is velocity. Thanks to the boost from the motor, E-Bikes level up your average speed compared to a conventional cycle. Meaning that even with the same amount of effort and cargo, you can travel faster than if you were riding a conventional bicycle. 

Super E-Bikes - A Summer of Riding


Going electric can also minimize your environmental impact. Electrically powered bikes are a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to a gas-powered car when it comes to short trips. Compared to traditional transportation options like gas-powered cars or trains, they are more energy-efficient and help to reduce congestion in cities and urban areas.

Super E-Bikes - A Summer of Riding

No Licenses Needed

Moreover, E-Bikes don’t require additional licensing, or insurance to operate.

The staff at Super E-Bikes can help you pick out a new ride from their selection of exciting E-Bikes, including new arrivals such as Aveton.

Further, since you don’t need any of the added vehicle registration, you can cruise out of their store on your new ride! 

Super E-Bikes - A Summer of Riding

Ready To Roll?

Ready to roll? Get yourself to one of Super E-Bikes 3 Locations! In Barrie at 200 Essa Road, at the 400 Market, and in Orillia at 121 Atherly Road. 


Written By: Stu Lynman

Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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