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Sweet Reasons for Collecting

Sweet Reasons for Collecting
Many people have their own sweet reasons for collecting toys or comics. No, it’s not about toys –the discussion...
Sweet Reasons for Collecting

Many people have their own sweet reasons for collecting toys or comics. No, it’s not about toys –the discussion is on collectibles. 

There is a difference between the two. Collectibles are more about old-time sake. That’s why they are also known as vintage. 

Toys/comics are close companions of every person. These accessories play an essential role in the early years. After years have passed, you may remember those good old times. 

Collecting old toys is the best way to pay tribute to those golden days. 

Lost Memories

Sweet Reasons for Collecting

When you were a child, you hoarded the Leo Mattel toys, diecast cars, the model train, Barbies, and comic books.   All were part of your growing years. They still hold a special place in your heart. 

However, you may have misplaced them or lost them in transit; or cannot find them in shops anymore. What do you do? Well, relax. Visit a reliable and genuine shop like Fun Zone Comics at 249 Saunders Road. 

Introducing Fun Zone Comics

Sweet Reasons for Collecting

Fun Zone Comics is a shop like no other. Having just celebrated their Grand Opening here in Barrie, they have a fantastic amount of memorabilia and local art to choose from. One of the local artists is Innisfil’s, Kayla Peddle. 

Whether you’re a Graded Comic collector, Action Hero Figures, or rare Funko Pop, there’s something available in every price range.

Checking out their website takes you on a quick tour of memory lane.  Remember your lunch box and thermos kit – they have those.  Or maybe it’s the fav Barbie that your brother cut the hair from; it can be replaced.  Favourites of your childhood, whatever your age, can be found here.

Treasures of Childhood or Investments? Sweet Reasons for Collecting

Sweet Reasons for Collecting

Sometimes, you desire most to share your childhood memories with your children.  This creates a bonding moment like no other, allowing your ‘mini’s’ to experience your childhood passions – if only for a moment – What a sweet reason for collecting.  For others, to collect is investing for the future.  And investments they are…imagine a $10,000.00 Batman Comic?

Coming Soon...Shh!

Sweet Reasons for Collecting

Owners Jake Mathias and Kristy Howe have some super surprises for everyone in the New Year.  Letting the cat out of the bag, I know there will be Dungeons and Dragons nights, Gamers Tourneys and more.

Most exciting, though, is Comicon coming early in the New Year, with vendors coming from all over Ontario.  There is more; however, we don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Sweet Reasons for Collecting

To keep up with everything happening at Fun Zone Comics, pick out treasured last minute gifts, stocking stuffers, or just a walk down memory lane visit the store or shop online.

We’re happy to welcome this shop with all its curiosities to Barrie.  Hmm, maybe it’s that signed boxing glove from Mike Tyson that needs checking out…

Sweet Reasons for Collecting

Written By: Jane Laker

Layout/Design: Veronika Kovecses- Photos Courtesy of Fun Zone Comics 

Have you visited Fun Zone yet? Let us know what you thought in the comments.

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