Choosing a home renovator is an important task and needs to be undertaken with as much seriousness as you have for your home “Reno” project.

    Introducing Michael!!

    We’d like to introduce you to Michael Brocklebank of T-ROC (The Renovators of Canada)

    Michael came to renovations as many do.  Even though he trained in child psychology and loved it, he decided to change his direction to something more creative.

    He found that he had the ability to visualize rooms when people spoke about wanting to renovate, especially kitchens.  That certainly came through when chatting with Michael.  He’s not only passionate about his work, but his clients as well.

    A Contractor With a BIG Heart!!

    Telling me a story of doing a washroom Reno for a senior, Michael explained that it was being done during the snowy season.  Even though he was to do the washroom, his wheelchair bound client couldn’t get in and out of her home easily.  Michael wanted to help, so installed a ramp for her as well.

    During the time that Michael was working there, his client’s caregivers couldn’t navigate the weather to make her meals… Michael did!

    Now that’s a contractor with heart!

    And More...

    There are a few other things that Michael does that endear him to his clients.  Most importantly is that Michael connects his clients with any experts that are needed.  He doesn’t mark up material costs or the cost of major subcontractors!

    His clients keep full control of the process.  By doing everything in phases, Michael and the client are able to keep tight control on costing as well as timing.

    This also allows Michael to take on very special projects at no charge throughout the community.

    And...The Kitchen IS the Heart of the Home!

    With years of design experience Michael has an uncanny ability to visualize your dream and more.  By thinking outside of the box, the end result can be fabulous.

    After 17 years in business, Michael has great ideas for basement and bathroom renovations, but still finds that kitchen renovations are his absolute favorite.

    “After all the kitchen is the heart of the home!”

    Being part of the community is a big part of who Michael is.  His work with March of Dimes can attest to that.

    Your Check List...

    Michael tells us that if you are looking for a renovator there is a great list of questions that can help you shortlist your choices.

    1. How long have you been in business?
    2. Are you registered, bonded and insured?
    3. What are your accreditations?
    4. Do you offer a warranty program?
    5. What’s the process?
    6. Who’s the primary contact?
    7. Who are your preferred suppliers?
    8. What do your customers say about you?
    9. How do you handle Quality Assurance?
    10. What’s your approach to follow up service?

    The questions can often be answered with a phone call, or by checking out a website, but Michael feels that the same questions should be asked in person as well.

    Make the stress free decision...

    “The relationship between you and your contractor needs to be as stress-free as possible.  Just living through a Reno can be stressful enough.”

    Michael also has a wonderful referral program that not only assists him, but you as his referral partner as well.  Make sure to ask about that when you’ve shortlisted as one of your best choices.

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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