Have you just leased a new car?  I have learned a way to keep the paint in great shape!  Are you looking for one of the  best values for  your advertising dollars?!  There’s someone you should call!!

    Barrie’s own Mark Legere at Wraptastic4 has a passion for taking care of each customer.  It started with a chip guard Mark’s Dad created, that led Mark into the field of graphic design.  The field excited Mark enough to start in the automotive wrap  industry in the GTA.  Living in Barrie, Mark tired of the commute, so opted to open a company here – Wraptastic4 , located at 164 Innisfil Street Unit 318.

    With the family’s 40 plus years of experience they work carefully on quality over quantity.  Mark enjoys doing business one on one with each customer.  He says, “This is the best way to do business!”

    The company has had some seriously cool jobs to complete!  Imagine wall wraps for interior design – much of that has been done for McMaster University!  Wraps for extremely high end luxury cars…even a few race cars!  One of Mark’s favorite projects was wrapping the Hydro utility boxes in Port Stanley with local history.  That was a total community experience.

    An interesting reason for some vehicle wraps now is the new interest in matte paints.  A car can be wrapped in matte film for far less than a paint job would cost!  Now, back to those original questions.  Mark has explained the value of wrapping a newly leased car.  On average a wrap lasts 5 years, and is extremely helpful with protecting against stone chips.  For those of you that commute – it’s something to think about!

    As for your marketing dollars being well spent, we all see vehicle ads every day.  THEY GET NOTICED!!  Every time you do notice the ads around you, the value of the brand increases.  Again, the graphic wraps last an average of 5 years, giving you excellent value for your dollar.  As Mark likes to say, “An ad wrap actually make the company owner money, and we can create a moving billboard for you!”


    Check out their website at: thewraptastic4.com or call Mark at (416) 407-5489 There are so many options to choose from.  Nearly anything can be wrapped!  Choose from fabric printing  and banners to automotive or marine wraps.  All right here – in Barrie – with a hometown boy!

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