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    What have you been doing to fill your time since the world shut down – yet again?  A little bird let me know that there has been a resurgence of a wonderful art form, and I’m so glad.  You see, it’s All About sewing!

    Uh! Oh! A Breakdown!

    This happened quite by accident, when my “eighty-something” year old mother had her sewing machine break down.  Now for many seniors that wouldn’t have been such a calamity.  However, this dedicated woman has spent the entire last year sewing reusable face masks for her doctor’s office, family and friends!  Man was she frustrated!

    In talking to her the day that it happened, she explained that she was having trouble getting the necessary part.  I said I would try, and got right on it!  (You don’t keep an elderly woman waiting)

    Sales/Service and Repair!

    I called a couple of places in Barrie, leaving voice mails as I went.   All About Sewing, a newer shop on Bryne Dr. returned my call quite shortly.

    Now here was the kicker….I explained my Mom’s dilemma, and the make and model of the machine.  My Mom had purchased this machine USED in 1954 to make clothing for her firstborn.  And it needed repair.  Good Heavens!  It was in need of a rest!

    Tops in Customer Service!

    This didn’t seem to faze Kathleen at the shop at all.  I asked her if she might be able to find out just what the correct age of the machine was and prayed that she could find the necessary parts.  When she called me back, she had found the parts…and the history of the machine.  It was nearly one of the first off of the company’s assembly line!  P.S….Kathleen has become a very welcome friend to the family.

    Today I was lucky enough to find out lots more about the shop.  I hadn’t been in, so I didn’t realize just what a great shop they are.

    All About Sewing is not just a repair shop.  They are a full service store that has most everything required to fulfill your sewing needs.

    On Line Lessons

    Right now they offer on-line sewing lessons.  The current course is in digitized embroidery, which has become very popular again as well.  The neat thing about this resurgence is that the new machines are capable of so much more than ever before.   Many new stay at home people have really got into the craft and have opened up shops on Etsy with some of the most charming items.

    If you’re not in to learning for yourself, staff member Courtney will do your embroidery for you.


    Fabrics, Notions and so Much More!

    All About Sewing also supplies fabric, quilting supplies and notions as well.  For the quilters and mask makers in the area that’s wonderful…I know from listening to Mom that there have been shortages of supplies in some areas.

    The staff can also be hired to finish your quilts as well with the in-house long – arm machines.

    Everyone seems just so engaging.  I learned this afternoon about a client in Alberta sewing army vests for dogs that needed some assistance.  Incredible!


    Staying on top of current trends, means that you should check out the website and/or call the store if you’ve got any sort of sewing project in mind.  If there’s something that you’re looking for, and they don’t have it…they’ll direct you.  Some wonderful partnerships are being created.

    One thing is for sure –  All About Sewing has become an important shop to our family.  The kicker is….Mom lives 4 hours away!  Thank Heavens they deliver!

    If you’re into sewing; make that call – You’ll be so happy that you did!

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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