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    Has Your Shopping Changed

    Has your shopping changed, as the past year and a half have shown that we’ve created a lot of new habits in our lifestyles?  One of the biggest changes is in how we’ve been shopping.  It has made changes in what we receive when we shop as well.

    Has Your Shopping Changed?

    Has Your Shopping Changed

    How many people have taken on-line shopping as the new norm?  It’s easy, comfortable and relaxing, right?  No longer is there a need to wait in line and the products are shipped directly to our homes.

    In - Person Again!

    Has Your Shopping Changed

    However, as businesses re-open, we happily make time to visit our favorite stores.   Exciting to many are the pop up shops and vendor markets opening up around town that we can visit.  Two that come to mind immediately are the Farmer’s Market held at City Hall each Saturday morning and Sonder’s Market open on Thursday evenings. So, has your shopping changed?

    Our area vendors and business owners are happy to see everyone as well.  We’re being given little incentives again for visiting.  Sometimes it’s a card to be stamped with each purchase, other times it’s a small tangible gift – hand sanitizer anyone?

    What are your Favs?

    Has Your Shopping Changed
    Has Your Shopping Changed

    I’ve been given magnets for the fridge, a keychain and even a water bottle.  I know that they’re often included as part of a membership,  however it still makes me think about the company every time I see them.  At vendor shows you might even receive a ‘swag bag’ of goodies if you’re early enough.  What are some of the favs you’ve received?  Is it an electronic gizmo, a step counter perhaps?  Maybe it’s a discount card or a magnetic frame with a cool shot that your photographer has given you.

    Neat Ideas

    Has Your Shopping Changed
    Has Your Shopping Changed

    Business owners are really looking for interesting ways to stay connected with you, the customer, both in person and on-line.

    One of our Barrie Uncovered staff recently ordered on-line from 2 local businesses.  One order was a porch drop-off that had some really cute stickers included as a freebie; the other came with a standard $10 gift card, but as the order had been delayed a bit they received an additional two more $10 gift cards as well.  Imagine the smile…

    Loyalty Pays

    Has Your Shopping Changed
    Has Your Shopping Changed
    Has Your Shopping Changed
    Has Your Shopping Changed

    Business owners – what are you looking for?  Is it pens or printed material?  Maybe you’re thinking about branded t-shirts or even coffee mugs for your extra loyal customers.

    Here's a Great Contact

    Has your Shopping Changed

    There are so many great ideas to choose from.  One local supplier of promotional items is Sara Tito of 26pluspromotions.  She has been busy for a while having branded masks made for many clients.  Now that there is more in person contact she’d love to share all the newest ideas available.  Why not give Sara a call?


    If you’re a small business owner or even a band looking for printed promotional items, 26pluspromotions is a one-stop shop.

    Has Your Shopping Changed

    For the rest of us – stop in at those vendor markets and small businesses.  It’s so nice to say hello in person once again.

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

    Are you a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint?  Let us know!  We can get you Uncovered!

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