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    Stop the debt cycle!  Learn how debt consolidation works and find out how much you can save, if, as a homeowner:

    You have:

    • Credit Card Debt
    • You are making minimum monthly payments only
    • You have missed making payments
    • You have fallen behind in utility bill payments
    • You owe money to CRA
    • You owe money in Student Loans
    • You are behind in support payments
    • Property tax arrears

    Talking to an expert we learned there are so many ways that they are able to assist us with our debt load – while repairing the all important credit score.

    Roy Prince, of Real Mortgage Associates Inc., is a long time professional in the field of finance.

    He tells us that if there is equity in your home, using a broker with a vested interest in doing their best for you as a client is the right starting point.

    Very often homeowners can find themselves with ‘bruised’ credit through no fault of their own.

    This can happen because of a messy separation or divorce; unexpected illness and loss of employment, or in the past year – missed payments due to COVID related issues.  Credit scores may be adversely affected!

    With each individual situation the broker works with YOU to help YOU.

    Case in Point

    • A client was referred to Roy through her lawyer.
    • She had been married but was now a single mom of 3 young children living in the marital home.
    • Her ex-in-laws held the mortgage on the home.
    • The ex-in-laws put a Power of Sale in place on the property.
    • Roy was able to assist his client out of the Power of Sale; obtained a new mortgage in her own name, giving her a stable home life for her and the children.

    Roy explains that Brokers represent you, their Client, not the Lenders.  A broker is able to seek out the very best lender to work with you in your individual situation.

    Case in Point

    • As a broker Roy is seeing Seniors, aged 55+ and even clients age 65 – 74 years of age, coming to him with 200k, 300k+ in mortgage and credit card debts.
    • Most debt is coming from credit card debt or loans from ‘high street’ loaning institutions.
    • Interest rates are anywhere from 19-30% on common credit cards,40%+ on monies from the ‘high street’ loaning institutions.
    • As long as there is equity in the home, Roy is able to offer a variety of products to pay off existing mortgages.
    • If you are 55+ years of age, and you have a mortgage and finding it difficult to keep up with payments we can lend up to 55% of the value of your home to pay off your existing mortgage; with no monthly payments to meet.

    Roy knows that different people carry debt for different reasons: knowing that – he also understands that choosing the right mortgage solution can be overwhelming.

    Asking advice from a qualified expert – like Roy – will give you invaluable options.

    Let Roy assist you into a better position than you are right now!


    Roy Prince

    Call:(289) 231 9540

    email: [email protected]


    RMAI, Real Mortgage Associates Inc.  Licence # 10464

    Senior Mortgage Agent #M09002652

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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