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    Finding a good mechanic can be a frustrating chore.  Often people leave this chore until it becomes a necessity – and then they’re stuck.

    DoYour Research

    With a little bit of research you can usually find not only a great mechanic, but one that can work within your budget and will be there for years to come.

    Ask your family  and friends who they use and why,  Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions – questions about what service they needed, the quality of work, what customer service was like, pricing and availability.  Make sure to check that the mechanic is licensed as well.

    Interview Your Choices

    Before you totally trust a stranger with your vehicle – it’s a good idea to ask some thorough questions:

    What’s their experience working with vehicles that are similar to the one you need repaired?

    What experience and training do they have?

    Do they have guarantees on both their estimates as well as workmanship?

    Do they use brand name parts, aftermarket parts or used parts?

    What pricing do they have listed for specific services?

    Discuss Your Needs

    A good mechanic will also ask you pertinent questions as well.  They should be asking about your specific car, its performance, how well it’s been maintained as well as discussing any problems that you’re experiencing.

    It’s a good idea to not wait until you’re dealing with an emergency situation before you choose a mechanic.  You’re better off to choose to have routine maintenance done by a mechanic you’re considering; an oil change or maybe an alignment first.

    This allows you to check out the pricing, knowledge and customer service before any significant repairs.

    Cost vs Client Care

    If they’re worth the price, a good mechanic can really help by guiding you through any anticipated problems and repairs that might come up, just with the knowledge they have.

    Prices may be affected by many things; however independent shops are usually less costly that dealership garages.

    Introducing Arman Auto

    One mechanic we’d like to introduce to you is Arsalan Rafiq of Arman Auto.

    Arsalan was brought up in the loving arms of an engine.  Growing up with a mechanic father, he fell in love with “caring for cars”.

    Arman Auto may be just outside of the city; however the short drive is well worth the care and consideration that is given to your vehicle.  The prices are very comparable to other independent shops; it’s all about the relationships with Arsalan.

    Arsalan enjoys working with students, taxi drivers or commercial fleet owners especially; people that really understand the need regular maintenance and staying on top of any potential problems.

    Working with these groups, Arman Auto helps the client to set and work within a doable budget along with a maintenance schedule that works for everyone.

    Reach Out and Become Another Happy Customer!

    Give Arman Auto a call; or book a time to have a chat with him at the shop – 2186 Hwy 11 south Oro Medonte.  It’s nice to find someone who will speak so honestly about the costs of car care today.

    Arman Auto

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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