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    Rising Star Matthew Pique of Matrix Mortgage

    With this week’s Uncovered business we’d like to introduce Matthew Pique, the rising star of Matrix Mortgage Global.

    Securing a Mortgage is Simple, Right?

    Rising Star Matthew Pique of Matrix Mortgage

    So you’re buying a home.  You did your research, you’ve got your paperwork ready and off you go to get a mortgage.  Pretty simple, right?  But there seems to be so many ‘best rate’ offers, a million types of mortgages and so much math!  Then there are the rules.  This really isn’t simple at all.

    With all the payments, insurance costs, credit cards, loans, groceries and even diapers, you just want to be able to afford your home.

    What if there was someone to help you get the best mortgage to fit your needs, the lowest rates on the market and explain everything in easy to understand terms.

    Matthew Pique - A Rising Star at Matrix Mortgage Global

    Rising Star Matthew Pique of Matrix Mortgage

    Meet Matthew Pique of the newly expanding Matrix Mortgage Global.  Matthew is a rising star in the industry with many accommodations already under his belt.

    Being so recognized has opened a new, exciting opportunity for Matthew which he extends to everyone.

    Grand opening of Matrix Mortgage Global - Barrie Office

    Rising Star Matthew Pique of Matrix Mortgage

    Matthew has become the Team Leader for Canada’s #1 company, Matrix Mortgage Global, opening the newest office at 49 High Street right here in Barrie.  Working with Matrix Mortgage Global allows new options that Matthew has to offer his clients.  He can provide mortgages right across Canada, not being limited any longer with an Ontario only license.  He also is able to provide many more resources and have much more knowledge at his fingertips to meet his client’s needs.

    Matrix Mortgage Global Provides...

    Rising Star Matthew Pique of Matrix Mortgage

    Matrix Mortgage Global, having been established in 2008, is well recognized in the industry as being Canada’s fastest growing company in the field.

    This incredible company provides high producing, high quality, and award winning professionals…which is exactly why Matthew’s abilities, drive and ethics suited this new expansion so well.

    Even More...

    Rising Star Matthew Pique of Matrix Mortgage

    As alternate lending specialists, Matrix Mortgage Global agents have the ability to make refinancing your home simple.  They have flexible and affordable financing options that may allow you to finance up to 85% of the equity in your home.

    Many of their clients use this low interest rate solution to consolidate credit card or other household debt.  Others have used this product to renovate their home or even purchase vacation property.

    Matrix Mortgage Global also has a reputation in the industry for successfully working with many credit challenged clients to consolidate debt, stop foreclosures and assisting in the rebuilding of credit ratings.

    Call Matthew - the Rising Star at Matrix Mortgage Global

    Rising Star Matthew Pique of Matrix Mortgage

    With the resources that Matrix Mortgage Global has, Matt is able to provide you with a Mortgage Solution very quickly.  No longer will you have to wait days or even weeks to have your solution in place.

    So don’t delay, if you’re shopping for or even contemplating a mortgage, get ahead of the curve and call Matthew at Matrix Mortgage Global today.

    Rising Star Matthew Pique of Matrix Mortgage

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Matrix Global

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