I’m sure you’re very happy with this year’s recent push to “Shop Local”. 

    Business owners are always looking for the most cost-effective ways to reach their targeted audience, without becoming too intrusive.

    We’ve “Uncovered” a local business that does just that!  Wraptastic4, a local company located at 164 Innisfil Street, Unit 309.  Mark Legere, owner of Wraptastic4, explains the benefits of vehicle wrap advertising, and…there really are excellent benefits!


    • A vehicle wrap gives you nearly unlimited exposure around the city.
    • For an average cost of $2500-$3000 over 4+ years (the life of an average wrap) it’s an excellent return on your marketing dollars!
    • A well-designed graphic wrap is hard to miss. Our eyes are very attracted to anything that’s different – especially when professional and aesthetically pleasing.
    • It a very “consumer-friendly” way to advertise. No flyers going into recycling!  It’s more suggestive than forced as well, so it isn’t annoying.
    • Using existing vehicles makes it cost effective and gives your vehicles added exposure – while being easy to change.
    • It’s a very active form of advertising. Your vehicle becomes a professional mobile billboard.  When done correctly it’s a great way to direct potential clients to your website.
    • Customers recognize your vehicle over and over whether they consciously realize it or not. This creates a stronger identity and boosts your branding to a wider audience.  Essentially it’s very effective advertising without effort.
    • A wrap also gives added protection against chips, scratches or nicks to your vehicle.
    • Unlike a billboard, it’s entirely yours. It’s also easy to change or remove as needed.
    • Most importantly, during these times, your local clients see you constantly – promoting the “Shop Local” way of doing business!

    Mark has let us know that having your fleet or small business vehicles wrapped can be much more affordable than you think.  It really depends on the size of your vehicle and the wrap chosen.  This may be the best choice for your 2021 marketing dollars!

    Call Mark at (705) 415-1919 to discuss your options today!

    Are you a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint?  Let us know!  We can get you Uncovered!

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