Karaoke & Cues – Sing And Shoot Stick At Alliance Billiards

The makings of a great night out should include the following:


Tasty food and drinks.

A fun competition to secure bragging rights.

And right now at Alliance Billiards, you can find all three! 



Every Thursday, you can put your musical chops to the test in the classic singing competition: Karaoke!

Meet on the patio and pick your Poison. Or Aerosmith. Or…you get the picture.


Foodie Fare

Alongside the usual pub stalwarts like burgers and nachos, Alliance offers a scintillating collection of sides and mains.

The menu boasts trays of Cabbage Rolls, Stuffed Peppers, Greek Meatballs, Lemon Chicken with potatoes and more.

Moreover, a new 6 OZ chicken burger has found its way to the kitchen; and is well worth a taste.


Cues and chalk are one of the great equalizers in society. If you can win on the pool table, eternal (or at least weekly) bragging rights are yours.

And with the best selection of billiards tables in Barrie, Alliance provides the setting for a limitless (good-natured) rivalry. Channel your inner Paul Newman and see how you perform when the shots get difficult.

Further, summer leagues are now open for youth from 7-18. If a younger member of your clan is interested in improving their bank shot, it’s a fantastic skill to add to their toolbox.


Karaoke Throwdown

Now that patio singing season is in full swing at Alliance, we invite you to weigh on one of the great debates of our time…

Which is the better Karaoke song?

Bon Jovi – Livin’ On a Prayer 


Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ 

Let us know in the comments! And watch this space next month for more Karaoke Throwdowns from Alliance Billiards!

It’s that Comfort Food Time of Year

Written By: Stu Lynman

Photo Credit: Anita Blaszczak

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