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Take Time for Yourself – Find Out Why

take time for yourself
When was the last time you actually made the effort to take time for yourself? Not to sit in the shade...
take time for yourself

When was the last time you actually made the effort to take time for yourself?  Not to sit in the shade and read a book, (which is a wonderful idea) but to take a treatment for your entire body as a whole.

Take Time for Yourself

take time for yourself

What if by discovering this treatment you actually put yourself first, yet still had time to spare?  Welcome to the world of Osteopathy.

What is Osteopathy?

take time for yourself

Osteopathy is a natural medicine that helps to make you a healthier individual.  Your practitioner looks for the cause of any dysfunction you’re feeling by treating the body as a whole.  They apply their knowledge of anatomy and physiology to tall types of diseases and disorders for all ages.

To be really healthy we need to consider our entire self – mind, body and spirit, internal and external environments and all the stressors that life gives us to deal with.

The Healthiest You

take time for yourself

An Osteopathic Manual Practioner (OMP) will take all of this into consideration as they help you to be the healthiest you.

Using a holistic model with the understanding that mind, body and spirit must be addressed, your practitioner, with a hands-on approach, can identify the root cause of many issues and restore balance to digestive, nervous, musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular and reproductive systems. 

Using various techniques they are able to address the over-all well being of each individual.

Common Issues Treated Through Osteopathy

take time for yourself

Acute and chronic injuries

Pain anywhere in the body including back, neck, joint, muscle and organ pain

Post concussion issues, migraines and headaches

Sports strains, sprains and tendonitis

Anxiety and depression


Optimizing pregnancy health

Post pregnancy body re-balancing

Infant digestion, sleep issues and fussiness

Post partum depression

Recognize the Signals

take time for yourself

Your body lets you know when you’ve had enough.  It’s up to you to recognize the signals – not to power through them.

The reason to take time for yourself is you likely have people that count on you and you have to stay in shape to provide care.  But it must be more than that.  You also need to have your own best health, both physically and mentally.

By reaching out to Nancy Spence at Action Rehab Therapy you may find the answers to your better health.  It really is important to take time for yourself.

A Bit About Nancy

take time for yourself

Nancy graduated of the Sheridan College, Sports Injury Management Program.  She is a Certified Athletic Therapist with the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association.  Wanting to expand her ability to help those in pain, Nancy later graduated from the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Toronto with a diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice.  She then went on to complete a BSc(Hons) Osteopathy from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (Plymouth University).  

You can often find Nancy hiking with her dogs, working with her horses, or exploring the areas offerings.  She founded Action Rehab Therapy in 2000. Nancy enjoys working with people of all ages and abilities.  She sees patients out of QuinnRehab in Barrie.

If you’ve enjoyed this article and would like to learn more about Nancy – follow this link.

take time for yourself

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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