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    Have you ever been offered a ‘cup of coffee’ or tea by a toddler playing make- believe?

    Or watched a wee one stir a ‘pot of soup’ made with grass clippings, sand and water?

    Some of the most charming memories parents have of their little ones are from time spent outdoors in nature – letting imagination flow with outdoor play.  It’s such fun to watch toddlers become excited while exploring the outdoors!  Even more so when you understand how much they’re learning through open-ended and unstructured play!

    The Best of Both Worlds...

    Children playing games outside have the best of both worlds.  Not only are they ‘unplugged’ from electronics, but they are engaged in activities that give them so many bonus things!

    A Few of These May Include:

    Learning Skills:

     Playing outside, especially at ‘activity centers’ allow children to develop imagination, expand their vocabulary (by mimicking) and learn to sort and organize the toys that they are using. Not only do they take part in mad science experiments, but learn to count as well.


    Using what the child finds outdoors, they are able to simulate many of the jobs and chores they see their parents doing.  What parent hasn’t seen the lawn being swept, or mud cake recipes being developed?!


     What better way to build up Vitamin D in the body and amp up their cardio-vascular systems.  Running and jumping while playing outdoors aids in building strong bones and certainly helps in the less likelihood of chronic conditions.

    Social Skills:

    Playing at outdoor activity centers help children at a very young age to learn to share, negotiate and take turns.  This may be with a parent, sibling or friends.


    Learning how to self-regulate their play time, enjoy it with friends or siblings allows children to learn the parameters of healthy play, as well as developing better attention spans.


    Excitement comes readily when parents and children are engaged and together. However, play centers allow children to become independent creatively and socially.  They will often dictate how their game will be played, and what role you are expected to play.


    Once again, playing outside is one of the best ways of teaching children to explore their surroundings.  Not only will you see the world through your child’s eyes, but you’ll see how well they can imagine using everything both familiar and unfamiliar to them as well.

    Introducing Little Bear's Woodshop

    At Little Bear’s Woodshop all of these things are taken into consideration as each play center is created.

    With their high quality, hand crafted wooden children’s play equipment you are certainly guaranteed to watch hours and hours of fun – everything from pretend cupcakes, pizza and burgers at the Mud Kitchen Center!

    The best selling Mud Kitchen offers a new and fun backyard play opportunity with endless hours spent playing in nature.  And the best part…you can hose the kitchen (and even the kids) before coming inside!

    The Ultimate Natural Material

    The equipment is made with a choice of unfinished cedar, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor play.

    Little Bear’s Woodshop uses cedar as the choice of material for outdoor play as it has natural weather-resistant properties making it extremely durable.  Cedar also has natural oils that help repel moisture and humidity.  It is also highly recommended to keep your activity centers out of direct sunlight to maintain the beautiful natural colors.

    A New Release Coming...

    Very exciting news from Little Bear’s Woodshop as well!  There will be a new release later this month…a Montessori style Kitchen Tower for little helper in the kitchen.

    Call Little Bear’s Woodshop for the next exciting addition to your child’s play centre, and make sure to check them out on Social Media!

    Written by: Jane Laker

    Photo Credits: Veronika Kovecses

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