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    Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Often those feelings are blamed on the weather at this time of year.  Rainy days – not enough sunshine seems to lead to a heaviness or feeling of exhaustion.

    A Spring Tonic?

    In days gone by, early settlers were firm believers in the tonic effect of eating spring greens.  They were said to stimulate digestion and purify the blood.

    What if it’s not just lack of sunshine?  What if your blood truly does need purification or you’re really missing necessary vitamins or minerals?  How do we know what to do?

    A general practitioner would likely suggest a series of blood tests at the lab checking iron levels and ruling out common disease.  But is there a better way – or more holistic approach to take?

    A Holistic Alternative -

    Let’s introduce Betty Anne of The Living Cell; an alternative holistic practitioner, to teach about healthy immune systems.

    For the past 13 years, as a nutritionist, Betty Ann has been helping people understand their health through good nutritional choices and the aid of Live Blood Cell Analysis.  Most importantly she helps to bring their body back into balance.

    Just One Drop...

    With a tiny pin prick enough blood is gathered onto a microscope slide for study.

    Unlike sending blood to a lab, the study is immediate and viewed by the Betty Ann and her client.

    Our Blood Speaks...

    Red and white blood cells, platelets and blood plasma are visible. When red blood cells are distorted in size or structure, they lack flexibility and fluidity. This causes their ability to flow freely to be compromised and reduces their ability to efficiently transport oxygen. Misshapen blood cells may also indicate deficiencies in essential nutrients, resulting either from a poor diet or from the body’s inability to properly metabolize vitamins and minerals.

    The number, size, shape and movement of white blood cells point to possible issues related to immunity, including infection, poorly digested foods, malnutrition and poor gut ecology.

    Being Proactive...

    The presence of “undesirables” in the blood plasma provides further information to Betty Ann and her clients about potential problems.

    For example, viewing fat crystals in the blood suggests poor digestion of fats, a lack of essential fatty acids, and the potential for arterial plaque build-up; yeast or fungus suggests intestinal toxicity and a decreased resistance to microbes; protein threads, called spicules, suggest liver congestion resulting in the poor digestion and utilization of fats. Other stressors such as, parasitic activity and fungal forms are also visible. Parasites and Candida are traceable as well

    Providing an Insight...

    The study of live blood cells provides an “insight” into what’s happening in your body.

    It’s not a diagnostic for disease.  It is a valuable tool in the early detection and assessment of conditions present months or even years before symptoms arise and traditional medical tests are indicated.  Live Blood Cell Analysis is considered a screening test for the purpose of observing various conditions in the blood and assists us in improving or preventing many health concerns through early nutritional intervention.

    The information provided by Live Blood Cell Analysis allows Betty Ann and her client to work together to correct these imbalances.

    A holistic approach is taken to enhance the well-being of every individual as a whole person.

    A Program Designed for You!

    A customized wellness program is designed through education of diet, supplements (if necessary), stress relief options and wellness alternatives to help you feel better, look better and perform better.

    Guiding you through the process you’ll begin to understand healthy cells, sticky cells, cell motility and more.

    In this case it’s all about the internal environment within the blood.

    Bacteria exist all around us, yet we don’t get sick all the time because we have immune systems that recognize and remove unwanted organisms.  When the body becomes acidic or toxic then it can become a feeding ground for bacteria, mould, yeast and disease.

    These are often the symptoms of poor nutritional choices causing leaky gut, liver problems or parasites.

    Making Better Choices...

    With the aid of a microscope and a tiny drop of live blood, Betty Anne has the ability to help guide you to better health through careful nutritional choices, without the need of prescription drugs and the side effects often found with their use.

    It’s certainly a good starting point to your better health.

    Call The Living Cell and book your Live Blood Cell Analysis and nutrition session with Betty Anne soon!

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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