With all that is in the world at the moment we seem to question everything medical.  On the art of healing lets discuss one of the most ancient – Ayurvedic treatments.

    And the Definition is:

    The definition stands as “knowledge of Life” which is a practice of herbalist medicines dating back 5,000 years in text form.  Truly…this must be the oldest known form of health care!

    In Ayurvedic treatments, food, herbs and oils treat the body while dancing and meditation treat the mind.

    The body is defined as fitting into 1 of 3 types (or Doshas).

    Vata Dosha

    Vata Dosha is a combination of air and ether.  A Vata Dosha is someone that is energetic, creative and lively.  They are normally light sleepers with sensitive digestions.  When an imbalance occurs in their body type it generally gives them problems with insomnia, weight loss, indigestion and anxiety.

    Pitta Dosha

    Pitta Dosha is made up of the elements fire and water.  Pitta Dosha types are associated with a tenacious personality.  Commonly they are described as intelligent, purposeful, self determined people who are quick learners that master skills easily.  They are naturally strong leaders with a high metabolism.  On the downside, when their body is not in balance they tend to be impatient, prone to conflict with mood swings especially when hungry.  They are also known to be very sensitive to hot temperatures.

    Kapha Dosha

    Kapha Dosha is based on earth and water.  These people can be described as steady, stable, heavy, slow, cold and soft.  They are known as being strong, thick boned and very caring.  Being able to keep it “together” very well they are a great support system for others.  Also considered to be very empathetic, caring, trusting, patient and romantic, they are great team members or mentors.  When their Dosha is out of balance they are prone to weight gain, slow metabolism, breathing issues, heart disease and depression.

    Whole Body Healing

    Ayurvedic medicine encourages whole-body healing – mental, physical and emotional health.

    Using yoga, meditation, mindful eating and sleep practices the treatments will help manage work-life balances.

    While enough medical research hasn’t been done to suit the “suits” – incorporating the many healthy lifestyle habits of Ayurveda into your daily routines is a great way to promote good health.

    For really great insight into Ayurvedic treatments and lifestyle habits, one should really visit Jeevanaya Wellness on Bell Farm Road.

    Ask Anita!

    Anita Kaur is a wonderful and knowledgeable guide to all that is!  Ask Anita about your Dosha type, what changes you can make to easily fit your lifestyle, and what herbs are available to assist in the treatment of many chronic conditions.

    On the Art of Healing – Jeevanaya Wellness!

    Written by: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit:  Stephen Elliott

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