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    For centuries the Tarot Cards have tumbled through history; a tantalizing blend of mystery and beauty.  The cards are packed with potent imagery and ancient symbols.  These cards have predicted the rise and falls of Kings and Empires.

    Such Mystery!

    The origins of Tarot Cards are as mysterious as the source of their power.  How can a deck of cards probe the past and unlock the force of the future?

    Tarot cards seem to be able to illuminate every facet of life.  They are a wonderful way to get into all your negative and positive energy in terms of how you’re conducting your life.  They can show what you’re questioning and what you can do to correct patterns to make better decisions.

    During a Reading...

    Reading Tarot cards is a very personal thing.  Your reader interprets each card for you by understanding the card itself and using their deep understanding of intuitive nature.

    Questions often asked are, “Am I on the right track?” “Why am I making these decisions?”

    The readers believe that the cards are a code and they act as the code breaker.

    Becoming a Reader!

    Becoming a reader requires dedication and hours of study – as well as an internal intuitiveness.  To the uninitiated the cards are just pictures.  To the trained reader they are a language which they translate for you.

    Boundless Choices!

    The modern day Tarot deck was created in the early 20th century after Arthur Edward Waite read the Book of Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic written by Eliphas Levi in 1854.  Waite hired Pamela Coleman Smith to design the artwork for each card.  The deck is always comprised of 78 cards, 56 Minor Orcana and 22 Major Orcana.  The Rider Waite Smith deck is still widely in use today.  It was at that time that the decks began to be used expressly in fortune telling.

    Decks are now made in very contemporary themes with each card telling a snapshot story.

    Experience a Reading with Clair

    At Clarity of Connections, Clair Marsland not only sells some of the most beautiful decks – she’s a reader as well.  Clair introduces us to some of her most loved cards:

    The Sun:  Is the happiest card in the tarot! The Sun breathes life into everything he touches. This is a card of joyful celebration and a vibrant sign of positivity and success! Who wouldn’t want this card to come up in a reading? 

    The Star:  She sends a message of divine timing and renewed hope. This card is all about serendipity, faith and wish fulfillment. 

    King of Wands:  Is an entrepreneurial spirit, natural born leader and represents ideas that can be ultra successful. 

    Page of Cups:  This is the card of the dreamer. Like the first inkling of love. This card has the energy of any dream being absolutely possible. A card of magic and a joyful open heart. 

    Please call and connect with Clair to find out more on having a reading done – or – purchasing and enjoying a deck of your very own!

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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