High-Quality Products

Urban Soap Co. and their High-Quality Products of Barrie, Ontario, offer high-quality skin-care products with a social purpose. This new company is passionate about animals and their happiness, having adopted several rescue pets over the years.  Because of this, you can be assured that all products are created vegan and cruelty-free.

High-Quality Products

Passionate About High-Quality Products

Urban Soap Co. is a brand-new company, having come to fruition just this summer.  Owner Natalie Harris is a passionate artisan who says, ‘It’s all about the product at the end of the day!’  Her passion comes out clearly with her vegan, handmade soap products that smell and feel amazing.  Using only organic butters and natural ingredients goes a long way to making happy customers a reality.

High-Quality Products

It Goes Even Further Than That...

Although Urban Soap Co. has many pre-made products in a variety of favourite scents and shapes, you can take it a step further by asking the company to create a signature scent just for you. Trending favourites right now are orange/tobacco, eucalyptus, and activated charcoal soaps, with coffee/brown sugar body creams and various body scrubs.  Very surprising is the love of their newly created dog soap products. Choose your fragrance and shape (whether decorative or comfortable), and it will be made to your specifications.

This is a wonderful way to create a personal soap made just for you without the harmful additives and allergens found in many products today.  Sensitive skin? No problem – there’s a soap for that.

High-Quality Products

Are You a Busy-Minded Momma?

Busy-minded mommas have found that high-quality products from Urban Soap Co. make bath time for little ones less stressful, more relaxing and even fun.  

Moms choose well-known relaxing essential oils that will help to calm and relax their wee ones during bedtime bath rituals.  While for the slightly older children, there are super great moulds to choose from to keep kids happy lathering up.  There are more kids’ products in the making as well.  Keep an eye out for kid-friendly soap crayons and more.

High-Quality Products

Soap with a Social Purpose

Community is very important to Urban Soap Co. owner Natalie Harris.  So much so that the company donates a portion of its handmade soap proceeds to organizations that help our unhoused community.  Those proceeds are currently being directed to Ryans Hope and its many programs.

Urban Soap Co. is also a proud sponsor of the Barrie Barn Burner Charity Hockey Game.  The Boots and Hearts Barn Burner is a charity hockey game that raises money for the Royal Victoria Health Centre, Rotary, PIE Education and Easter Seals in Barrie.

To commemorate this event, the company has designed a perfect hockey puck soap that is being donated to the swag bags and hockey players of this event.

High-Quality Products

Teaching Her Art

Not only does Urban Soap Co. sell some mighty fine products, but teaches others how to craft soap for themselves as well.  There are upcoming classes available now to register for.  Just imagine the fun of exploring and experiencing the age-old art of soapmaking. Take a friend and sign up for a class, or better yet, get a group of friends together for a sip and pour soap-making party.  

High-Quality Products

Finding Urban Soap Co. High Quality Products

You can find Urban Soap Co. products online, through their website, but they can also be found at various vendor shows in the area and localstreet.ca.

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

Have you ever thought of a personally created signature scent for your own soaps and creams? Let us know what your favs are in the comment section.

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I love lemongrass! And your soaps 🙂