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    Barrie Uncovered introduces you to two of Barrie’s top Hair Care Specialists, Dawn Mucci and Sharon Smith.  Although they work at totally different aspects in the field they often find the need to collaborate.

    Introducing Dawn Mucci

    Dawn Mucci, owner of Lice Squad.com is North America’s leading head lice removal expert.  Being a true entrepreneur, when Dawn see an unsolved problem it’s her mission in life to research and implement a solution.

    That’s exactly how Lice Squad. Com was born!  As a young mother of a school aged son, Dawn received the dreaded “your son has lice” notification from school.  Not wanting to use harsh chemicals, she found that there really was no help available to her.

    Incredible research and hard work brought Dawn’s dream of an all natural, organic solution to fruition.

    Unexpectedly there was a huge surge towards many products becoming more natural, putting Dawn at the forefront of the industry.  She sold her first franchise for $5,000 in Sudbury.   Franchises now sell for $35,000 each, are independently owned by small business – primarily operated by women and families.

    Dawn, a true entrepreneurial spirit is involved in 4 other extremely interesting endeavors at the moment.  However, right now Dawn would like to educate us about Head Lice during the Pandemic. 

    The one concern that Dawn has during this Pandemic is that parents might not realize that the problem exists and maybe even more so.  She has given us the following tips on prevention:

    Prevention Tips

    1.  Keep long hair tied up in ponytails, or even better, braids or a bun.  Use a little hairspray to keep stray hairs contained.      
    2. Use an essential oil blend such as Super Hero Essential Relief and spray a small mist on your Childs hair and in their hats and hood of coats to help repel head lice. 
    3. Take a peek once a week.  Catch head lice early and it is easier to remove.
    4. Use a good quality head lice comb to check your Childs head for lice and/or eggs.  The long tines with grooves as found on combs available from Lice Squad.com will help capture live lice and break off the eggs from the hair strands.  It will also act as the most effective removal solution.  
    5. Educate your kids what to do to avoid getting lice and the symptoms of scratching.
    6. Don’t share hair items and visually check head rests before laying or placing your head on them.

    If you or a family member does contract head lice, don’t panic.  This very common condition has nothing to do with cleanliness and it can be resolved without the use of pesticides.  Head lice solution options are available through eco-friendly lice removal products. 

    Introducing Sharon Smith

    Now that we’ve “Uncovered” that great advice, we’d like to introduce Sharon Smith of Connect Hair Studio. 

    Sharon gives us 40 years of incredible experience in the beauty industry and is as passionate about her craft today as she was when she first picked up her shears.

    How do you get started?  You obtain the best training in the world!   As it happened there was an unexpected opening, giving Sharon a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn her craft at Vidal Sasoon’s , Toronto.  During this very unique time Sharon was trained by the worlds’ best international stylists at one of the world’s cutting edge salons.

    After leaving Toronto and opening her first salon in Belleville 30 years ago, it was an encounter with Dr. Lewis Losoncy, a psychologist who dedicated his practice to the hairstyling industry, which helped define her focus and passion.

    “You don’t just cut hair – you cosmetically and psychologically transform people’s images and destiny in just one visit.”  

    -Lewis Losoncy (The Doctor of Encouragement)


    Eventually, family reasons saw Sharon relocate to Barrie and we are very happy to have had her here the last few years!

    Sharon has committed herself to supporting the community, and, after humble beginnings 6 years ago, that support has evolved into the Raw & Reflective calendars supporting the work of Gilda’s Club Simcoe Muskoka.

    For the past four years, Connect Hair Studio has been recognized by the hairstyling industry as one of Canada’s top 5 salons for their commitment to community service.

    Sharon also offers some very sage advice regarding hair care during COVID shutdowns:

    “It’s lockdown and your favorite salon is closed.  Those roots are showing and you are more than due for a cut, color and style.  Stop.  Breathe.  Let your mind wander back to March, April and May of last year when we watched P.M. Trudeau’s hair getting longer and longer by the week.  You remember.  That’s when he told us all about “talking moistly” as he ran his hands through his “flow” and social media captured it in provocative slo-mo.”

    Hair Care Tips

    Here’s some advice based on our years of experience as well as our experience from the lockdowns last year.

    1. If you are getting your hair color advice from a sales associate at the health and beauty department of a big box store or drug store – #justwait
    2. If you look at a drug store row of box colors at the same time you are buying your Tylenol and you think “Just this once won’t matter” – #justwait The outcome could be even more cause for a headache.
    3. If you think you don’t need to tell your stylist you cheated on them and used box color-#justwait …This is definitely a time to spill the beans.
    4. If you or a family member decides to trim each other’s hair and you think your stylist won’t notice -#just wait. Our cutting style is our signature. And be very certain – we will know!
    5. If you think “stay at home” is a good time to skip washing your hair – #justwait…Actually #justdon’twait…
    6. If you understand that everybody else is in the same boat and adopt the stance: ‘My roots are a sign I was loyal to my stylist’ #justwait and wear those roots proudly!
    7. If you want to walk down the street and not get called out for having ‘fresh hair’ – #justwait It’s obvious. We can all see you.  Besides, it’s not like you are going to a gala event.
    8. If you think you can follow a tutorial on You Tube and get the same result – #justwait Those people showing you a ‘simple layered bob’ or creative coloring techniques are highly skilled professionals.
    9. If your salon calls to reschedule your appointment (yet again) and you don’t call back, you may have to #justwait longer than your friends. Its simple mathematics – everyone who had an appointment in January needs to be moved to February and March…if there are spaces.
    10. If you trust your stylist and have faith that this will be over soon – #justwait. We are missing you too.
    Listen to a full audio interview with Dawn and Sharon via the link below!

    Written by: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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