Are You a Mane Addict?

Human’s age-old obsession with beauty has seen the invention and refinement of make-up through to fashion. Why should hair be any different? Are you a ‘Mane Addict’?

Once again, we’ve asked a local expert to tell us what’s new and exciting in the world of hair, this time discussing the ‘best for summer’ products that will keep your hair looking sleek and shiny even after a long hot day at the beach, or in the pool.

Our local experts at Chatters Hair Salon tell us that they are always asked for this advice.

Question 1

How can I prevent my scalp from burning in the Summer?

Are You a Mane Addict?

The Stylists at Chatter Hair Salon tell us that this is a common question as more and more time is spent outside in the hot summer sun.  The direction most often given is to use Moroccanoil Protect and Prevent Spray.  This spray features the exclusive ArganID technology that protects hair from daily external factors preventing colour fade and protecting your scalp.

Question 2

How can I Keep my ‘Beachy Waves’ when I get out of the pool or lake?

Are You a Mane Addict?

The answer here is to use KMS Hairplay Sea Salt Spray.  Our style experts tell us that this unique product creates a tousled, just-out-of-ocean texture with a matte finish.  Spray into your towel-dried hair and air-dry for light texture.  For additional fullness and grip, spray into dry hair and blast dry.  The natural dead sea salt helps to provide the fullness, while Grape seed oil works as a sealant to keep the moisture in your hair.

Question 3

How can I extend my spray tan?

Are You a Mane Addict?

If you’ve worked hard at creating the illusion of a perfect tan while protecting yourself from harmful UV rays, it’s simple. You want it to last as long as possible. Our experts agree, ‘There is nothing worse than spray on tan fading so quickly after application.’

The solution, try out Hempz Lotion. Hempz Lotion is enriched with 100% pure organic hemp seed oil and blended with natural extracts to provide dramatic skin hydration and nourishment. This 1’2 hour moisturizer calms. Soothes and conditions your skin, preventing flakiness and the loss of your tan.

Are You a Mane Addict?
Are You a Mane Addict?

Question 4

How do I get chlorine from the pool or minerals from being in the lake out of my hair?

The answer here is to use one of two products. Redken Cleansing Cream or Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three.  

Redken Cleansing Cream is a clarifying shampoo for all types of hair.  It removes product buildup, along with copper, iron and hard water minerals from your hair leaving it clean and full of shine.

Shampoo Three is perfect for swimmers as it removes chlorine, iron and minerals that can give your hair a greenish tint.

Are You a Mane Addict?

Whatever your question, Whatever your dilemma, Our experts at Chatters have great answers for you.  Enjoy your summer looking your best with your questions answered here.

Are you a ‘Mane Addict’?  Read here for more summer style questions answered or tips and tricks for summer hair care.

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Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

We’re sure that you may have other questions as well.  Send them in the comments, and we’ll be sure to ask the experts for you!

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