Ever have a day where you just want to climb back into bed, cover your head and shut the world DOWN?

    Over the past year it’s been very difficult for people to understand their energy levels and feelings.

    Many people have turned to Yoga or Meditation to regain their inner peace, yet it all seems difficult.

    Introducing Sam Persaud

     Sam Persaud of High Vibrations offers a multitude of healing practices to assist us.

    New to our area, Sam hails from San Jose, California.  It was there that Sam recognized and trained her spiritual self.

    Having credentials in Dance, Reiki Healing, Meditation, Law of Attraction and more only allows us to visualize what Sam is able to do.

    Speaking with her, you feel who she is.  You feel the joy, the love of life, her spirituality.

    Realigning Your Energy!

    Now imagine that “back to bed” feeling – yet you force yourself out the door; head to the High Vibrations Studio for a dance class.

    Beginning the session the weight of the day sits heavy on your shoulders.

    The unimaginable happens!  Music creeps into your mind, and then your body feels it and finally your soul.  You are surrounded by a divine vibrational love – in the music.  You feel lighter.  Your mood changes.  You feel a collective community around you.  Thoughts enter and pass through your mind.  There is a peace felt – a calming within.  You are healing from the “heaviness” of the day!

    Many Communities to Enjoy!

    Sharing our spirituality within a group can really help to heal our daily struggles and understand them.

    Sam’s mission in life is to assist us on a journey of endless possibilities as a spiritual guide and mentor.

    High Vibrations offers many communities under one roof to help you begin your own journey.

    There is guided meditation to assist with the cleansing of your mind; allowing peace and calm to enter.

    Think about Reiki Energy Healing where the strength of Sam’s belief is enough to share her energy with you; allowing healing treatment for mind, body and spirit.

    Begin Your Journey...

    Maybe joining a Spiritual Mentorship Program would answer some of your questions and free your hesitations.

    High Vibrations is certainly a place to begin your experience.

    Reach out to Sam, feel her energy, join the community and begin your journey!

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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