Are you the parent or caregiver of a youth or young adult with a developmental disability or autism?

    We’ve “Uncovered” Aspire Services to offer you support and guidance.  Becky Kurtz, owner of Aspire offers community and developmental services helping youth with exceptionalities through carefully planned programs.


    Aspire Service offers Life Skills coaching in both a group setting and 1:1 support.  She has expanded her services and is now offering virtual support as well as in person, while keeping health and safety a top priority.

    We all recognize what COVID effects have had on even the healthiest individuals, imagine the pressures created for people with less coping mechanisms!  Becky has seen remarkable progress in the young people she is supporting, even through this most unusual of times.


    Coaching youth and young adults, she works with them to build the skills needed for everyday life.  She breaks down the skills into smaller, more achievable steps and supports them with many everyday goals including chores, budgeting, routines and kitchen skills.

    Aspire Service coaching sessions, programs and parent workshops are now being offered virtually because of the Pandemic.  This has allowed her to support people right across the Province!

    Becky has recognized that many young adults and their families have been cut off from their extra-curricular and social activities because of COVID.  Her programs are helping youth and young adults to engage in extracurricular activities and learn in a positive and supported environment.  These skills can help to relieve some additional stress for parents while giving their children an opportunity to learn and grow.


    Using empowerment programs and strategies she helps our youth to engage in positive self-talk, build confidence and have increased self-esteem.

    She works with young people to help them recognize their strengths and abilities, grow their mindset and see the world through a more positive lens.

    Becky uses various techniques and strategies to help support youth and young adults, including visual supports such as calendars, agenda and schedules.  These tools help to support the executive functioning part of our brain that helps us to plan, organize and follow instructions.


    Her success is measurable!  Students receive better grades, complete household chores, become more independent – making family life much more enjoyable – even fun!

    If you are a parent or know a parent of a youth or young adult with developmental disabilities, reach out to Aspire Services and give Becky a call.

    “Everyone has the ability to rise to their fullest potential and be as independent as possible.  This will look different for every single person, but with some coaching and support we can empower young people with exceptionalities to do great things.”    

    Soar to your potential!

    • Becky Kurtz

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