Just four months ago Barrie opened one of the best Smoothie Bars in town!

    Running late to work or forgot your breakfast or lunch and you’re just not into the fast food of today?

    Smoothies of ALL Flavours!

    How about stopping in at Top Up Nutrition and meeting the team?  This great location on Cedar Pointe Drive has an incredible array of scrumptious upscale smoothies designed to better your health.

    Lenny Robillard, owner, tells us how he went through a process of lifestyle changes and decided to backpack through Australia.  During that trip he met a community working at expanding their health and fitness platform, and fell in love with the program.  

    It took some careful study and planning to open his first Top Up Nutrition here in Barrie – but its well worth it!

    Building Relationships

    Lenny and his team establish an excellent relationship with each guest – providing them assistance with their wellness regime.

    Four Components

    There are 4 primary components to good health through the club: 

    First you have hydration; very few of us actually hydrate fully each day – so each drink takes that into consideration.

    Next the importance of gut health; probiotics, fibre and aloe vera are used to rebalance your good gut bacteria –imperative to a well run digestive system.

    The Reasons Why:

    On top of this – Top Up Nutrition looks at fulfilling three distinct needs:

                                                                                             Immune Support                                                                                             


    Daily Nutritional Requirements

    Each area is vital to good health with today’s busy lifestyle.

    Using a variety of teas – even a “clean” version of energy drinks that provides a thermogenic burn as well as a nice “non-jittery” boost of energy without the crash, Top Up Nutrition has you covered.

    Post workout is an important time to boost your protein and the luscious smoothies are made with a blend of both fast and slow absorbing proteins at a count of 24-25 grams!  Top Up Nutrition also includes a branch chain of amino acids to help repair and strengthen tissue after your workout.

    Mission and Goal:

    The mission of the staff at Top Up Nutrition is to assist in the lives and well being of anyone in the area either seeking a quick meal, active lifestyle or seeking a solution to better  their health and well being.

    Their goal is to connect with entrepreneurs to promote better access and create even more partnerships to open Smoothie Bars bars in a neighborhood near you!

    On a Side Note:

    Just on a side note – Lenny tells us that his favorite smoothie is the Banana Bread Smoothie and his favorite tea is the Orange Blast Energy Bomb Upgrade!

    Drop in to check out YOUR new-found favorite!

    Or…Give them a call!

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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