5 ways to give the gift of health

    During the holidays, or at any time of year, a gift that benefits health can have a lasting impact. It may benefit someone who wouldn’t usually purchase such an item or doesn’t know about available options. One guideline to keep in mind: The gift should be easy to use.  Read on to find 5 ways to give the gift of health.

    Just picture this, Christmas time has come and gone. The gifts are opened, the dinners have been eaten, and the trees are coming down. It’s the end of the holiday season and the beginning of a new year. With all of the endings come new beginnings, including the ever-infamous New Year’s Resolutions.

    5 ways to give the gift of health

    We all know how it goes: you start off in January pumped for the next twelve months. You decide you’ll be healthier, visit family more, or go on more vacations this year. Then by mid-February, it’s all over. Life gets in the way, and you go back to your old routines.

    Sometimes we want to give gifts that encourage healthy living. As Count Rugen so wisely said in The Princess Bride, if you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything. Whether they’re planning their country’s 500th anniversary or just want to feel better in the new year, here are some gift ideas for wishing good health on the recipient — body, mind, and spirit.

    Look for Gadgets or Services That Get People Moving

    5 ways to give the gift of health

    1. Classes:

    An exercise class makes a good gift, especially if you offer to come along. Sometimes people are more inclined to exercise with company. Plus, having someone with you adds an element of safety, and you can share a common goal.   Consider one of the many styles of Yoga.  Classes are usually sold in packages. Prices may vary by package.

    5 ways to give the gift of health

    2. Gadgets:

    A wearable fitness monitor is helpful to track everything from heart rate to the number of steps walked per day. The majority cost between $50 and $200, and you’ll find them at big box stores and sports retailers.

    5 ways to give the gift of health

    3. Workout Equipment:

    A great thing to buy if you’ve purchased Yoga classes for someone is to buy some of the equipment they will need.  Start easy on the pocketbook with just a good-quality yoga mat and water bottle.  This won’t break the bank and removes any excuses as well.

    5 ways to give the gift of health

    4. Information:

    A wonderful gift of information would be how to learn to meditate.  You may also purchase a series of classes for this, but maybe include some guided meditations for daily use at home.  Taking the class together is also a great way to grow your relationship.

    5 ways to give the gift of health

    5. Spiritual Mentor/Life Coach:

    A third and vital area of health is spiritual health. That often gets relegated to the “woo-woo” or religious department, but it shouldn’t; spiritual health has as much — or more — to do with getting in touch with your inner truth as it does with the tenants of any particular faith or tradition.

    There are many wonderful coaches out there who act as guides to assist people in uncovering their purpose, whether they are leaders, creatives, or entrepreneurs.

    5 ways to give the gift of health

    No matter which area of health you wish to focus on, include an encouraging message to your loved ones. Above all, they will appreciate that you love and care about them!

    For more really great information on various styles of yoga, click here.

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit:  Veronika Kovecses

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