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Uncover The Music – The Anti-Queens

In our latest episode we chatted with the Anti-Queens! We talked about their summer swing through Europe, discovered a unexpected loathing of a revered children’s cartoon, and spoke about some of the challenges of being an all female band.

There are a few swears, for those easily offended.

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Uncover The Music Episode 11 – Bigfoot’s Hand

In our latest episode we entered “The Cave” on Burton avenue to chat with the crew from Bigfoot’s Hand! We spoke about recording their latest single and music video, about how they scored an opening gig for Big Wreck, and found out which band member’s first job was motorcross race training as they Uncovered 5 Truths.

This podcast is exactly 28:22 and if you are easily offended, there are a few swears.




Uncover The Music Episode 11 – Cinemon

We spoke with Cinemon, an alt rock group all the way from Poland, who are touring Canada in a kick ass vintage RV. And listen at the 3:51 for a walk on! Vanessa from Sunrise joined us for a few minutes to say hello and of course to ask about their ride.

This episode is exactly 11:20, and if you are easily offended, there a few F bombs.

Uncover The Music Episode 10 – Spill Your Guts

In episode 10 of Uncover The Music, our contributor Fiona chatted with Spill Your Guts, one of the few bands based in Shanghai to tour Barrie.

They talked about the challenges of being performers in China, about the music scene in that country, and revealed which band member got into a recent street brawl that featured a walker.

This episode is exactly 10 minutes, and if you are easily offended, there are some swears.

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