We talked to Sarah Melody Yoga Teacher and Founder of Anahata Yoga From the Heart this week.  She wants to break down some misconceptions about yoga and attract a broader market.  So read on and you will see you can participate in yoga no matter your age, sex and any constraints you may have.

Yoga is too expensive?

Anahata has a Pay It Forward Class is a community class offered for all.  Anahata Yoga from the Heart grew from a place of wanting Yoga to be accessible to EVERYONE. No matter gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity or income. Everyone can use yoga in their life. Pay what you can. If you can afford a cup of coffee then you can afford a yoga class. And hey, if you can’t afford a class this week then it’s on us!  We are now offering Pay what you can on Tuesdays and Thursdays Yoga from the Heart at 5:00 pm online with Sarah.

Do you need to be flexible?

Yoga helps you become flexible. No matter what your skill level is starting out, consistent practice will help you improve not only your flexibility.  More importantly, it strengthens your body, mind, and overall wellbeing but balance and strength as well.

Yoga is too slow?

There are a variety of different types of yoga classes. Restorative Yoga and Yoga-Fit Basics are great classes for beginners and people who want a less rigorous, slow-moving practice.  Anahata Power Hour offers a quicker pace class focusing on core and upper body strength. A yoga class to get your sweat on and reset the mind. Sometimes it’s challenging for us to sit and be still so take your meditation to a different place.

Yoga is for women?

Yoga was actually started by men thousands of years ago. It is as equally beneficial to men as to women. The ratio of men to women in class has been growing over the years too, so man up and give it a go!

Older people can’t do yoga?

Yoga is for people of all ages. If you have physical limitations, our instructors will show you modifications for each yoga pose in class. It’s never too late or too early to start practicing yoga.  It calms the mind and encourages breath awareness so helping all ages.

Incentives To Start Your Journey Toward Health & Wellness

To attract a broader market and attract new clients that don’t know about yoga yet.  She is doing a promotion for musicians, offering free sessions, being a musician herself she has infinity to all musicians.  Anahata Pay It Forward initiative means you pay what you can for a session.  These take place Tuesday and Thursday at 5 o clock.  Sarah of Anahata realizes this is a tough time for everyone just now and has come up with pricing to make it very affordable for everyone, see below:

Also, Sarah is doing a weekly podcast. Expressions from the heart that combines yoga music and mental health, see below.

Sarah has a blog called Focus on mental health:


Anahata Schedule for June, there is a time in there for you:

All In The Family

Helping the community runs in the family, her mom Angie Ricci who owns Angel Tours has offered to turn her busses into a Mobile testing centre for COVID.  She says it would fairly easy to remove the 55 seats and covert the busses for mobile testing centres.

“There’s going to be rural places that are going to need to do testing that doesn’t have office facilities,” says Ricci. “Who is going to service that? A bus can get in there and do that.”

Ricci says she is waiting to see how the next wave of testing is carried out.  If she can help out in any way.   She plans to contact the province on Monday.

“The bigger priority here is not getting people just back on my buses,” she says, “but how do we get the economy rolling again so we can help everybody.”

So as you can see the family are all for community