for the love of pong

    Ping Pong, Pong Arcade games and Beer Pong have us all in love with Pong.  Not being a gamer or ‘arcade-fly’ while pulling off all nighters studying or falling asleep during lectures, students ( well everyone) need to find some fun.

    Little did we know that some of those fun ideas would pop into life years later?  Thank you Beer Pong.

    A Bit of a Backstory

    for the love of pong

    Played across the world by those who love to compete, who love to drink – and especially mix those two together.  It all had to start somewhere.  There are stories dating back as long as people have been throwing ping pong balls into cups (so forever, right?) about where and how Beer Pong started.

    What follows seems to be the best account of the origins.  We’ve managed to find out that frat brothers at Dartmouth College were playing a regular game of ping pong while enjoying some brews.  One player sat their beer on the table between shots and before long a ball dropped perfectly into the cup.  Just like that history was made.

    Eventually more and more people purposefully set their cups on the table during games to entice their opponents and before long the game was born.  There were many variations even then, however all games still used ping pong paddles to move the balls.

    It wasn’t until the 80’s that some radical player threw their ball into a cup without using a paddle.  Shortly after, the name changed to ‘Throw Pong’ and the paddles were left in the dust.

    In Love with Pong

    for the love of pong

    Very quickly this new change spread across North America like a well-meaning, intoxicating (LOL) virus.  Road tripping students and visiting players caused a sharp incline of this Beer Pong as ‘the game’ to play.

    By the late 90’s, the game was spreading itself across every ocean.  With this speed, the initial folk lore of the game was lost.

    Easy and Affordable

    for the love of pong

    People simply liked what they saw – beer on the table and easily transported ping pong balls.  It became a ‘take anywhere and play’ game that was affordable and very fun.

    Now there are even competitions and titled games outside of dorms and individual households.  You can find the World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP) and Palooza: Beer Pong Festival.  There are titles and prizes to be won, just to up the ante.

    Check Out the Rules

    for the love of pong

    Every house, bar or competition has its own rule.  Some play with 6 cups, others 10.  Some have multiple re-racks, others have limited or none.  Elbows are fiercely debated at every table wherever you are.  If you’re looking for a game, choose your favorite watering hole, sign up and brush up on the rules.  While you’re doing that check out the next level pong game – ‘Fear Pong’.  It’s sick!

    Alliance Billiards is in Love with Pong too

    for the love of pong

    Here in Barrie, Pong at Alliance Billiards is a blast.  Join a team, win or lose, make friends, share space and enjoy.

    Georgia invites everyone out to join in the competition.  You don’t even  have to drink to join in the fun.

    For some more really fun reads about the history of games, follow this link.

    for the love of pong

    written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credits: Stephen Elliott

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