If you are regularly strolling around the waterfront, there is a good chance you have seen Chris Murray and his two horses Oreo and Ember.  He something a celebrity, well Oreo and Ember are anyway!  No offence meant Chris, but without you, we would not have these beautiful horses in Barrie.

Our roving reporter Steve managed to corral Chris and the horses to talk with him, Chris, not the horses. They were mainly interested in the grass!

Listen, as he talks about that it was his mother’s bucket list to own a horse(s). He was more than happy to grant her request, so Chris has been looking after them and shares the joy with his mother.

With horse’s manure being one of the best fertilizers around, he gets plenty of offers to barter the manure for vegies, cakes and other offers.

If he wants a drink, there is a bylaw that would allow him to hitch the horses outside a bar while he goes in for a drink, well if they had a hitch that is.

So click on the link below and listen to him talk affectionately about his love from Oreo and Ember.