Quick! What is the first thing that comes to mind? Is that TODAY? No, no it’s not. Mother’s Day is 05\12 – burn it into your mind!

This day only comes once a year.  It’s that special day that has been chosen for us to honour our mothers.  We no longer just stop at our biological mothers, but also honour those women who have played a strong, important part of our lives.  Grammas, StepMoms, Godmothers…….even our sisters, all count on this day. So, what are you doing for Mother’s Day in Barrie?  What sort of honouring are you planning?  We are going to separate this into a few categories:


Wanna spend time with Mom and do something different?  You absolutely need to check out Creative Café.  You’ve got so many things to do here, not just for those with a creative, artistic flair but for those of you that just want to do something together and see what happens! You have so much to choose from – pottery painting, glass fusing, mosaics…..don’t get me started! This day at Creative Café is going to be busy and don’t worry, you can always walk in and find a spot.  Just be prepared to spend at least a couple of hours here…..perfection takes time! Tag us in your creations!


Sometimes you just need 1 full hour of stress free time all to yourself – we mean for your Mom!  (*blinks fast)  Float Tank Barrie has a pretty sweet sale going on right now.  Mother’s Day Gift cards for a single float for only $60.  Have you ever been here?  The service provided is known as Floatations-REST. (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy) Imagine lying in a salt-water solution for an hour, no noise and total darkness.  You won’t even be fighting gravity.  1 full hour of stress free time.  R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N.


Start with cupCAKE’s! Why not bring your Mom some of these amazing tasty treats?  Two locations in Barrie, but don’t hit up the north end location on Sunday because it’s closed.  Don’t panic!  You can order your cupCAKE though Skip the Dishes and still be safe!

Let us just say, since we are talking about being safe – The Vegan Pantry! The Vegan Pantry has the most yummiest Vegan and Gluten Free menu out there.  Not only that – but they have opened up their bistro area and you can bring Mom on Sunday to indulge.  We double checked their Facebook reviews and The Vegan Pantry has an outstanding 4.7/5 according to 57 votes.  Mom will thank you! (Check out their Turtle Brownies!)

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

Here’s another thought – Mother’s Day Brunch!  For the best Mother’s Day Brunch in Barrie – we suggest going to the Original Mom’s Restaurant.  No, really.  It’s actually called Mom’s Restaurant. Great homecooked food with an atmosphere that will really remind you of home.  Perfect for Mom!

If you are thinking rustic, well then check out Cottage Canoe! Recently, Barrie Uncovered held one of their staff meetings there and we really enjoyed the food!  Cottage Canoe has a special Mother’s Day Brunch going on, as well as a cocktail special for Mom’s.  Can you say $5 mimosas?  (Your Mom will love you MORE!) 

Talking about loving you more.  Don’t forget to check out some other best brunch spots in Barrie HERE.

Now don’t forget how we started this and said, “This day only comes once a year.”  It’s the truth.  It’s only one day a year that’s especially set aside for Mom, but we all know that Mother’s Day is really every day!  Celebrate and enjoy!

Written by: Sharon Johnston |Flower Image by: Vanessa Malloy | Images by: Stephen Elliot