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Barrie This August

When the lights go down in Barrie

Yo!  Sup?  What’s the plan, Stan?

Where and when does all the fun happen when the lights go down in Barrie?  Let me share my 3 favourite weekdays and uncover 3 things you can do on each of those days. (No one really counts Monday anyways) You can always hit up our blog on Fridays to find out what’s going on for the weekend.


TRIVIA NIGHT TUESDAYS  at Fionn MacCool’s Barrie North! Bring in a team with you and be prepared to possibly win some prizes!

Cheap night at the movies! Even better if you have a SCENE card!

SHRIMPFEST at LOCKEROOM! Did you not know about this?  On Tuesdays the deep fried shrimp are 65 cents each and their wings are 69 cents.  Order shrimp and have them put ANY of the wing sauces on them.  YUM!  Good luck getting a seat, but its SOOO worth it!


Free outdoor movies in Barrie.  Happening EVERY Wednesday at Meridian Place.  Bring a lawnchair, bring a blanket and bring bug spray! Check out our podcast with the outdoor movie crew.

KARAOKE with Jay Lewis at PLAY Barrie on Cedar Pointe Drive.  Bring your singing voice! (showers optional)

Barrie Thunder Classics CRUISE NIGHT!  Every Wednesday starting at 6 pm.  Go take a look at all the cars and enjoy some great music.


KARAOKE with Almost Famouz Sounds & Lyrics at Ol’ West Wing – Mapleton.  Tell Teresa that we said hi!

Date night at Uptown Theater! FYI – if you tell them that you are on a date when you pay, they give you the tickets for $6 each.

LIVE MUSIC!  Pretty much everywhere in Barrie.  Hit up our EVENTS page to follow your favourite band and go have a drink and enjoy!


Alrighty my friends!  There you have it – 3 Great Days and 3 Great plans! Don’t forget to take some selfies and tag us in your night out.


Written by Sharon Johnston | Images by Stephen Elliot






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