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What’s the plan for Holiday Monday?

Holiday Monday is knocking at the door – do you have a plan? How about heading over to Kempenfest to try some belly dancing with Cairo’s Jewels! Kempenfest will still be going strong with live music featuring The Martels & Dreamboats. Lots to look at and see. Bring a refillable water bottle with you as there are filling stations all around. We like being Earth-friendly!

Maybe what you are thinking is to take advantage of the daytime to catch up on all the chores that you have been putting aside. (ho hum!  Adulting, blah blah!)  We think that is a great idea! *rolling our eyes. So why not have the ultimate family adventure in the evening and take off to Sunset Barrie Drive-in?

If you are thinking opposites, and prefer to do something in the day to have a night chillaxing at home, well you could always catch a movie at either of the Galaxy Cinemas in Barrie.

Seems like we are trying to send you to the movies, doesn’t it? Well, we think we gave you outdoor options (Kempenfest) and indoor ones too!

Here are a few more

#1 Harbourfest at Friday Harbour Resort. Barrie Uncovered already went by to check out the Luxury Vehicles and boats. Make sure to taste the Italian Inspired food and entertainment!

#2 X-Play! You can Laser Tag, Trampoline, foam pit, silk line, battle beam…..take the kids and let them run and play until they can’t no more!

#3 Alt. Rock ! Challenge yourself on one of their many courses! You got this! Take a look at our previous article HERE. FYI: They are opening at noon!

Life pretty much goes on as normal with the exception being the banks, library’s, Barrie Rec Centres and many daycares. You can still hit up the Barrie Malls but most will be closing by 5 pm. Oh and just one last pic….we had to show you these yummy nummies from Friday Harbour….Mmmmmm…  GET IN MY MOUTH!

Okay, we’re good now. There, we helped you figure out a few things! Whatchya gonna do?

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