We Love Barrie

    The City of Barrie and its residents are uniquely small-town in a big city during troubling times.  We love Barrie for the strength and heart of the people who live here.  We’ve all seen the strength shine through in so many ways, especially during the pandemic.  Once again we have a story to tell specifically about the heart within this city.

    Learning to Cook

    We Love Barrie

    After 18 long months of limited to no dining experiences available to anyone due to the pandemic, Phillip Moore decided it was finally time to learn to cook.  With help from his mother, Anna Moore, Phillip began to learn to create dishes from his mother’s Greek heritage and then posted them on Instagram.  Dawn Mucci, long time friend, fellow foodie and amateur chef in her own right, started to post alongside Phillip’s and a friendly rivalry began.

    Brainstorming for LOVE BARRIE

    We Love Barrie

    Phillip and Dawn started brainstorming ways to support their love of Barrie and Mike McCann’s LOVE BARRIE sign initiative, giving birth to the Downtown Barrie – Foodie Experience.

    This will be the first event since lockdown featuring amateur chefs who have honed their cooking skills.

    The idea of raising money for Mike’s LOVE BARRIE sign while bringing people back downtown to support the re-opening of all Food and Beverage businesses in town is fantastic.  After all, the whole point of the LOVE BARRIE sign is to promote the City, bring people downtown to take pictures and enjoy the area.  What a great idea!

    The Passion of Mike McCann

    We Love Barrie

    As Mike McCann says, ‘Let’s have some fun.  We’ve dealt with so many economical and emotional hardships.  This is one spoke in a very large wheel to put us on the road to recovery.”

    Mike is striving to raise $150k before October 10th for the LOVE BARRIE sign, creating an art installation that tells the world our strength and love for our city. 

    Many cities have created these iconic installations, but Mike truly sees this as a free, lovely, newest and sexiest landmark sign in the city. 

    The Secret is Out

    We Love Barrie

    The event location has been kept secret until now.  Thursday September 9th, from 6-10:30 pm at Taco Alley is where we’ll meet.  The original dining tickets sold out almost immediately, but another block of $10.00 spectator tickets have opened up.  Any monies over the hoped-for $25k raised will go to the Tornado Relief Fund.

    First Ever Golden Ladle Award

    We Love Barrie

    With three amateur chefs and a Sous chef, dishes will be created and served to the lucky guests who will vote for the first ever Best FOODIE CHEF GOLDEN LADLE AWARD.

    The Unveiling

    We Love Barrie

    One of the most exciting moments during this evening of dining, dance and entertainment will be the unveiling of a to-scale model of Mike’s dream – LOVE BARRIE sign.

    The model is actually a total engineering feat created by Phillip Moore’s father’s local company, Moore Packaging.  A sign 7 feet high by 20 – 30 ft long created from corrugate is truly remarkable.  The model will be on display until the art installation is finished in a yet to be disclosed location.

    We Love Barrie

    Join us and everyone else to show our love for this incredible city with a night of entertainment, auction, silent auction, celebrity guests and of course – incredible food!

    We Love Barrie - Here's Why

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    We Love Barrie

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photos Provided By: Dawn Mucci

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