this side gig became real

    Having a ‘side gig’ become real is like a dream come true. How many of us have a side gig that we’re passionate about and are just waiting for it to be strong enough to become the ‘real gig’?  In many cases, our side gigs start as a hobby. It’s something we enjoy doing ourselves, often not realizing that others enjoy what we do.
    It is usually hard enough, but it is even more impressive when dealing with Asperger’s. Devon Cochrane is the inspiration for this article.   Devon gives excellent attention to detail, resulting in high-quality work in his machines.  Being self-taught, he spends time studying and perfecting his skills.  Being an inspiration to all of us, we hope that anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit, disabled or not, succeeds.  Certainly, Devon has proven that even with Aspergers, he is succeeding.

    When the Side Gig Becomes Reality

    this side gig became real

    In this case, it all began in a small computer repair shop. The shop owner, Devon Cochrane, had a hobby of bringing retro arcade games back to life again. Running out of room at home, he had four that he stored in the front of his shop. Unexpectedly, neighbourhood kids started hanging out, asking if they could play the games.

    Devon realized that what was happening was a cool thing and began to expand on it. Slowly as time went on, the original shop was enlarged until it was not large enough any longer. Finally, with the assistance of his family, this young man opened Pixel Paradise Arcade in Angus.

    A True Family Arcade

    this side gig became real

    Now Pixel Paradise isn’t your big ‘have a drink and order food’ retro arcade. This arcade is a true family arcade where Mom and Dad can show off their once serious gaming skills to the younger generation.
    Devon and his family love watching everyone have a good time. They’ve got some cool ideas in the making for even more fun times. Soon there will be tournaments and leader board competitions to be had.
    Already they see friendly competition in-house with the Rush and Daytona games that are the house favourites. With 6 Rush games, there always seems to be someone to compete with.

    Everything is Kept in Tip Top Shape

    this side gig became real

    Once upon a long time ago, Devon was helping out in another arcade when he realized that people were leaving upset even after paying. After finding out that many of the favourite games were often ‘out of service’, he made a vow not to let that happen at his arcade – and it doesn’t. The machines are kept in tip-top shape to be enjoyed by all. Everything here is about the look and feel of the original games. They aren’t retrofitted with flat screens but keep their tube monitors for integrity. With choices from Pinball to Mortal Kombat and everything in-between, there’s something for everyone.

    Something for Everyone

    this side gig became real

    Many of the younger kids are in awe of Mom and Dad’s sick skills on the classics like Mario, Donkey Kong or Pac-Man, while the kids show off with Fatal Judgment, Rush or Street Fighter 2.

    Head to Pixel Paradise

    this side gig became real

    If you’re in the Angus area and want an affordable time-out down memory lane, head to Pixel Paradise. Even better, arrange a birthday party for adults or kids, or just a fun, competitive get-together. The staff will help you get everything organized. Kids can come in with their photo ID and Vaccination Passport pictures on their phones, without parents being concerned about lost documents.

    With just under 50 games there is certainly fun to be had.

    this side gig became real


    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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