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Things to do in Barrie or Busta Barrie Rhyme Tyme!

We think this is just a little funny – well maybe just a wee bit. We took all words ending in -ill and are going to show you just how awesome Barrie is with rhyming words and Things to do.


Are you thinking of proposing? Do you have an interest in Estate Jewellery? Need some of your Gramma’s pieces repaired or renewed? Then we absolutely need to introduce you to Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers. Voted the best and favourite Jewellery Store in Barrie in 2017 and 2018 – go in and talk to Adam, son of the Late Bill about any jewellery that you want to buy or sell.


Where best to chill and go on an awesome adventure? Why, Barrie Public Library, of course. In the words of Emily Dickinson,

“There is no Frigate like a book

To take us Lands away,

Nor any coursers like a page

Of prancing poetry”

Enjoy BPL’s rooftop garden for exceptional Barrie sunshine chill time, as well as take advantage of the many free workshops offered.


St. Louis Bar and Grill 4 locations in Barrie and the BEST DILL dipping sauce EVER! ‘Nuff said!


Mmmmm…..lots of food and good eats. Market Buffet and Grill has all the western food you could want and the best thing? You can keep going back until you have to unzip your pants. Hey, have you ever taken a look at the large photos on the wall at the Market Buffet and Grill? Yep, its downtown Barrie in the early 1900’s. If you love history, you’ll want to spend some time looking over the photos.


Okay, we cheated.  But we just HAD to mention that Barrie is home to many festivals and events that you just cannot miss. Kids Fishing Days, Kempenfest and Barrie Dragon Boat festival coming in August.  Check out the listing HERE .  Get out and do something new!


Why Grillicious of course! Barrie Uncovered LOVES this place! Check out our Chef Spotlight article HERE. Live music all weekend.


Pick your own! Okay, technically this is JUST outside of Barrie. But it is called BARRIE Hill and its on BARRIE HILL road……so we are officially proclaiming Barrie Hill Farms part of Barrie. You’ll love their website as they have a Daily Update section to let you know whats available to be picked, and what is coming soon. Fresh is best!


Never fun to be ill, but always better to be safe!  Check out our Barrie Walk In clinic locations HERE.  Take advantage of the widget that tells you how long the wait time is at each clinic.  You’d rather be sick on your couch than on a waiting room chair.  (to be honest, you’d probably rather NOT be sick at all.)


Well, lets not kill but hurt real bad. How better than at Barrie Paintball? You can buy a membership if you are seriously into paintball or just go and play some Laser Tag. Barrie Paintball has an event coming up on August 10th called DAWN OF THE DEAD! You can’t kill it if its already dead! Some serious prizes too!


For all your creative needs, head over to Len’s Mill Store . Have you ever been there? If you haven’t, you are in for a big surprise! Move over Fabricland! They’ve got tons more stuff than just craft products, you really need to go check this place out!


Hmmm…..okay The Pill. Well, here’s what we are thinking, if you have never checked out the services offered by Simcoe Muskoka Health , you haven’t taken advantage of all the good out there being offered. They’ve got services for Parents and Parents to be, child care, healthy sexuality clinic, etc etc. Simcoe Muskoka Health offers classes on things like, Food Handler Training, Prenatal Classes, Tobacco Cessation Workshops, Dental Clinics….whoa…so many! Check out their site!


So you think its time to learn a new skill? Why not try Scuba Diving? The best part is that Simcoe Diving offers diving at our local beaches here in Barrie. Did you know that we have a sunken ship in Kempenfelt Bay? Yup, ship went down in 1857. Take a Scuba Diving class and go take an undersater look at the J.C. Morrison!


Sunnidale Park Arboretum is one of the most gorgeous non-water places to relax and catch your breath in Barrie. There are fantastic trails through the park and in fall the scenery promises intense eye-gasms.   (Is that a real word? But you know what we mean, right?) Located at Sunnidale Road and Cundles Rd. West.


Is Beer considered a swill? Or is beer something that you swill? Well, either way – a swill o’ ale in the city of Barrie is a MUST DO. We’ve got a few of our own breweries here and they also have tours. Check out our Brewery Tour First Date Article HERE. You can thank us later.


Whoa! We don’t think you can top this thrill! Say it with me, “Hot Air Balloon!” Whoa, right? Yup, you can go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride over Barrie! You don’t even have to go by yourself – Air Display can take 5 clients on each flight. Wouldn’t this be a great Bachelor Bonding thrill? Okay, we are going to be completely transparent – it’s a little costly BUT, it’s a once in a lifetime experience so go do it already! Check out prices HERE, or even just check out purchasing a gift certificate.


This is different – have you heard of Fibre Spirit happening August 24,th, 2019?  This one day event is dedicated to yarn, fibre and all things related to knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, needle felting and MORE! (There is actually more!) If any of those crafts interest you, then you MUST come out to this one day event. Connect with other like minded and talented individuals in Barrie.


Ever thought of writing your Will? Most people think they aren’t old enough to have their Will drawn up – but honestly – waiting doesn’t change anything. Check out Lawyer Network to find a Family Lawyer in Barrie to help you out.


What the heck is zill? Well what a shocker! Found out that it’s those little cymbals that belly dancers clink when they are dancing. Mind blown! Ever thought of taking Belly Dancing lessons? Check out Body Language Studio for times and pricing. BTW, our favourite song to Belly Dance to at Barrie Uncovered is Shik Shak Shok! True fact!

WOOT WOOT!  I think we did it! Did we forget any rhyming words?  Just call us, Barrie, I am.  “Cause WE ARE!

Written by Sharon Johnston | Images by Stephen Elliot

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