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The Health Benefits of Playing Arcade Games

health benefits of arcade games
Are you a pin-ball wizard? If yes, then be aware that there are actually health benefits to playing arcade games...
health benefits of arcade games

Are you a pin-ball wizard?  Or maybe you’re a lover of arcade games.  If yes, then be aware that there are actually health benefits to playing arcade games.  This might give you the perfect excuse to escape some chores; or a lead-in line to a different kind of date night.  Date night at an arcade?  Sounds crazy right?  Maybe it’s crazy, maybe not.

Some arcades have created an adult space with memories of childhood.  Think your childhood arcade marrying your craft beer house…While you play your favourite games – enjoy a themed cocktail or a good ole beer.  Check out the collection of memorabilia found everywhere – and maybe catch a live act.  Even enjoy a light meal now in many arcades.

Here are 5  health benefits of playing arcade games that you might really be able to use and enjoy.

Easy Reduction of Stress, Anxiety and Depression

health benefits of arcade games

Many studies have shown that while playing an arcade game your anxiety, stress and depression reactions may actually decrease.  In fact, there are apparently games actually created by health care professionals for just that reason.

The research behind it is that arcade games take you to your happy place.  They also give the players a great way to take a brief break from life’s daily stressors.

Arcade Games Enhance Cognitive Abilities

health benefits of arcade games

Once again using studies there is proof that many arcade games boost your decision making and multi-tasking abilities.  Much of the time as a player, both hands are busy working which creates huge brain activity, as well as creating extremely rapid decision making.  Often this takes place without the player even realizing.  The strengthening of players cognitive abilities are often carried over to daily real life tasks.  (You might tell your partner that this would be the perfect opportunity to gain practice before you try to clean out the garage.)

Gaming Improves Muscle Memory and Reflexes

health benefits of arcade games

If your choice of an arcade game involves a joystick, you’re well on your way to very complex training between your brain, your eyes and your hands.  Your brain and hands must create memory movements with the joystick while your eyes watch the game.  Your brain works continuously creating both muscle and ‘gaming’ memory while you play.

Weight Reduction and Curbing Cravings

health benefits of arcade games

The focus required for arcade games keeps both your brain and your hands very busy.  This alone restricts player from thinking about the stress in their lives and reaching for food – healthy or unhealthy. 

The focus required, depending on your abilities will make it virtually impossible for snacking until the finish of your game.  So building skills makes perfect sense.  If you are at an arcade that serves food, you can arrange to take a break from playing at a certain time with your friends….unless of course, you’re still beating the top score.

Games Help Leadership Skills

health benefits of arcade games

Arcade games, with the skills they build can be very beneficial.  Militaries throughout many countries use arcade style games to train and evaluate abilities of eye-hand co-ordination, quick decision making and ability to rapidly strategize.  Doesn’t this sound like a leadership program to you?

Here in Barrie you can have it all at Last Level Lounge on Dunlop Street.  Last Level Lounge has all your favourite arcade games and then some.  They offer some of the most interesting cocktails and have a great beer menu.  Partnering with Chavo Crepes, there’s an excellent food menu as well.  Just let us say, that if you haven’t had pizza at Last Level Lounge yet, that’s reason enough for date night on their patio, let alone inside.

For more of what Last Level Lounge has to offer – follow this link.

health benefits of arcade games

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this article.  If you’ve been to Last Level Lounge let us know what your favorite game is – right here.

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