Ya know what makes life livable?


Also bacon.

Oh, and Poutine. And wine…whisky. Seinfeld reruns. Wine. Anything written by Neil Gaiman. Wine.  Preferably all at once!

And things that are FREE.

With all of that in mind, we present the first ever Freebie: A weekly guide to events in Barrie that require zero money.



Larp in the Park

This is happening this afternoon at Sunnidale Park

It’s an all ages meetup for some Live Action Role Playing with a group of homeschoolers. Hosted by L.A.S.T. Productions.

Like capture the flag, only with skills, weapons and treasure boxes instead of flags. No costume required but totally welcome.

For those interested in local LARP games, join the group:
L.A.S.T. Barrie Area LARP Club


BMW Test Ride Event

Here’s a chance to get your inner Easy Rider on with some cool AF bikes. The National Test Ride Event rolls into Peak Powersports Barrie on September 17th with full line-up you can put to the test.

Pre-Registration is required, so please give the store a call to reserve your time and specific bike today. Alternatively, you can request registration by visiting the link below:

Open to 18+ with a full M License.

Introduction to Metalsmithing

Bliss Jewellery hosts a Beginner Metalsmithing class on Wednesday to introduce students to traditional jewellery making techniques. Get going on sawing, piercing, forming, hammering, roller printing, and soldering.

Students can expect to walk away with three to six pieces completed work by end of the classes.


Photo by Lance Grandahl on Unsplash

And if you have any sans money events coming up, let us know! We’re happy to talk it up for you.