Ya know what makes life livable?

Ice cream.

Also bacon. Bacon ON ice cream.

Oh, and Poutine. And wine…whisky. Firefly reruns. Wine. Anything written by Brett Ellison. Wine.  Preferably all at once!

And things that are FREE.


Cicco’s Trivia Night

Town Trivia’s makes their first appearance at Ciccos! 🎉

It’s pub trivia, all kinds of questions, from a wide variety of topics. Totally free to play, with prizes available.  Happening on Wednesday @ 7pm.



BCKC Presents – Cell Phone Photography

Would you like to learn how to take better photos with your cell phone? 

Barrie Canoe and Kayak present professional photographer, Jeff Buchannan’s free tutorial to learn the basics of cell phone photography, techniques for capturing the best pictures and apps to do quick editing. Find out how to waterproof your phone and how to keep it charged on extended wilderness trips.

Happening tonight at the Southshore Centre.


Art for Lunch with Bewabon Shilling

The MacLaren is offering another Art for Lunch event on Friday.

Between the Forest and the Sky is a major solo exhibition of recent paintings by Bewabon Shilling depicting the forests and skies around the artist’s home at Rama Mnjikaning First Nation.

Working from the studio built by his late father, the works reveal a landscape that also inspired his father but rendered in a style that is entirely his own.




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