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Pub Crawl

The Best Bars in Barrie for the Ultimate Pub Crawl

It’s the weekend, and you’re looking for the best bars and pubs in Barrie for the Ultimate Pub Crawl. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Barrie has it all: live Entertainment, great beers on tap and excellent pub fare.

In downtown Barrie Pubs, you can expect: 

  • all live entertainment starts at 10 pm
  • most places don’t have a coat check
  • last buses leave the DT terminal between 11:30 and 12 am.
  • Uber and taxis run all night! (be safe)

Your Best Pub Crawl Takes Place in Downtown Barrie Restaurants and Bars

Start at The Local Gastropub for their elevated pub fare menu and enjoy your location, basically right smack in the middle of downtown.  You are 5 minutes to everywhere.  If beer is your thing, the Gastropub will amaze you!  They have 16 brews on tap and regularly feature beer and food pairings.  This pub is owned by the head chef, so you know you are in good hands.

For our second stop, this amazing weekend, let’s go check out The Ranch! The Ranch has live music concerts, a rocking crowd and all the country you can handle. It even has line dancing lessons free on Saturday nights from 8pm – 10pm.  A great way to use up some energy and kill some time until you get on your way with the Ultimate Pub Crawl!

Next stop!  Okay, get ready for this because we are going to crisscross applesauce all over the downtown strip!

Here’s our crawl:

British Arms

Live music starts at 10 pm here (and every other bar downtown). Friendly crowds can be found here and also a few really good shareables on their menu. Their house-made dipping sauce is to DIE FOR.  Next stop?


Okay, I know you aren’t hungry now, but let’s talk dessert.  Can you say, “Maple Croissant Bread Pudding”?  You can’t say it faster than we can eat it!  Live bands start at 10 pm.  Donaleigh’s also has a special late-night menu if you want to work your way back here later for some more eats.


Kenzington Burger Bar

Maybe shareables aren’t your thing, and you want to sink your teeth into a fabulous juicy burger?  Well, stop right here (thank you very much!)  Live music EVERY night AND did you know that Kenzington Burger Bar is a famous Barrie restaurant? It was featured on Food Network’s  You Gotta Eat Here. I’d suggest trying a Slider Caesar, featured on their menu if all you want is a little nibble.

Okay, we are down to your last two stops on this exciting evening!

The Queens Nightclub

This is where you can come to dance the rest of the night away!  Known for their great bands and dance floor, expect The Queens to be jam-packed.  I’d suggest that you just get a drink here and work on building an appetite for your last stop.


Wings! Burgers! Shrimp!  Sandwiches!  The ultimate all-time food favourites.  Definitely, a chill place to stop and escape the noise of your entire Pub Crawl journey.  This is where you can stop yelling above the noise and have some real conversation.  Typical sort of menu + short shorts.

There you have it!

Bourbon ->British Arms->Donaleigh’s ->Kenzington Burger Bar -> The Queens Nightclub -> Hooter’s