Are you looking for a new kind of thrill?  Have you already tried Axe Throwing?  Have you already tried Rock Climbing?  Well, then you are ready for a new thrill.  This is going to absolutely BLOW your mind.  Prepare yourself to be a RACECAR DRIVER!! 

No, really. (honest!)

We aren’t kidding when we tell you that this is absolutely 100% possible.  Let us explain.  Have you heard of Sunset Speedway?  Of course, you have.  Everyone knows about Sunset Speedway.

What everyone doesn’t know, is that Sunset Speedway isn’t only for professional race car drivers.  It has a lot more going on and we are excited to explain it all to you.

First of all, meet Brian Todish.  He’s the Owner Operator of the Speedway.  It’s always better when you can put a face to a name.  (okay, the pic is cool but if you happen to see him, he probably won’t be relaxing up against a truck like that)

Now to the good stuff – prepare yourself to be a RACECAR DRIVER!  Oh yeah!  Here’s how you can do it – like really drive on the track and everything!  Sunset Speedway offers 3 packages.

Now don’t worry, the cars that you get to use are all race ready with a full roll cage, racing seat and a 5 point safety harness.  You can choose standard or automatic and all cars are equal.

Bring all your friends and do a thing!

Whoa!  Now we know you are thinking this is going to cost an arm and a leg per person, but its actually quite affordable and you know what we are thinking?  Bachelor Party!  OMG, Bachelorette Party?  Why not?  Can you just imagine being with 10 of your closest friends on the adult Go-Kart you have always dreamed of?  Oh yeah….let us think about that for a bit. 

Okay, we’re back!  So, is that there is to know about Sunset Speedway?  We haven’t even started. The Speedway is on Yonge Street and just a short jaunt to Innisfil. Let us ask you this – are you looking for something to do on Roxodus weekend now that it’s been cancelled?  (BOO!)  Well check this out, Saturday, July 13th they’ve got a NASCAR Whelen Series – 50 Lap Late Model, Super Stock, Mini Stock plus Can-AM TQ Midgets going on.  Starts at 4:30 and it promises to be quite a race. This race is presented by: Kids Race for the Canadian National Autism Foundation.  Kid’s Race was established in 2010 as an idea to create a new platform for autism research and awareness and this race only happens once a year.  You got to be there!  Check out their tentative event schedule for 2019 and look for updates!

Time to sit in the VIP box!

Let’s add things up now – we’ve told you about being a RACECAR DRIVER!  We’ve introduced you to Brian Todish! We’ve told you about the races!  What we haven’t told you yet is about the fact that there are also bands playing at the racetrack.  If you’ve upgraded yourself to VIP, you get into the special area that has a live band.  This party just keeps getting better!  Oh, and don’t forget that there are Corporate Team Building Packages! 

Now we did manage to get one more AWESOME pic while we were at the race track. Meet Stu, our Event Manager and just pretty much everything extraordinaire!

He’s usually pretty camera shy and doesn’t consider himself a race car driver, but you know what?  He’s willing to give it a try.  Check out Sunset Speedway for your next thrill and maybe you’ll see us there! Vroom Vroom!

Written by: Sharon Johnston | Images by: Stephen Elliot