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Summer Beer & Camping Guide

Summer Beer & Camping Guide

Summer Beer & Camping Guide

Few are the simple pleasures greater than sipping suds around the campsite.

Not only does a pint of ale provide a hug of warmth when the cooler evening arrives, a splash or two can serve as kindling for your flaming teepee.

With summer camping season just a few days away, we’ve compiled a companion guide of craft beer and campsites to brighten the flames on your next outdoor adventure.

Campsite: Arrowhead Provincial Park

Can’t miss: The views from Big Bend Lookout.

Housed in the heart of Muskoka, the multitude of lakes and trees make Arrowhead a perfect destination for a summer nature break. Be sure to abuse the terrific assortment of trails! One leads to an epic lookout over the big bend, an oxbow of the Big East River. Another leads to Insta worthy Stubb’s Falls and a pedestrian bridge.

Craft Beer: Killer Cupcake Panda – Flying Monkey’s

A sturdy IPA that pops with zest and colour, Killer Cupcake is ideal for a campfire session. Balanced but bright, you can enjoy more than a few without getting to the point of forgetting your own name.

Campsite: Bon Echo

Can’t miss: Mazinaw Rock views.

Another entry in the Ontario Highlands, Bon Echo Provincial Park puts on a spectacular show against the movie-esque backdrop of Mazinaw Rock. It is a sheer cliff with over 200 Indigenous pictographs.

You can take advantage of the plethora of easy to moderate hiking trails within the park; including one leading to the apex of the cliff. Needless to say, you’ll want to have your phone fully charged to capture the moment.

Craft Beer: Peel Out – Redline Brewhouse

Peel Out is an ideal pick for your cooler. The initial pour is a warm, straw-gold, with an inviting aroma. A lacey thick fingered foam and a blend of tropical tastes (mainly citrus and mango) gives way to a firm bitterness.

The chilled can delivers an even more robust  experience, as the cold vibes enhance the warm weather feel. Perfect for camping, the campfire or sitting on the dock waiting for the fish to bite. 

CampsiteAlgonquin Provincial Park

Can’t miss: Stunning views from the Lookout Trail.

Algonquin is almost certainly the most famous provincial park in Canada. Nestled in the Ontario Highlands between Ottawa and Georgian Bay, Algonquin is one of the most accessible parks, as the highway cuts right through the middle. It’s also the oldest provincial park in the country.

Moreover, the abundance of wildlife, hiking trails leading to beautiful vistas and canoe routes in the park make Algonquin one of the best Ontario park locales to visit.

Craft Beer: Czechlist Pilsner – Barnstormers

Czechlist fills the glass the color of ripe hay, with a golden tinge present as the bevy settles. The head is dense, white, and lasting.

On the tongue, it is smooth and pleasantly low in carbonation. The flavors start off with the expected bready, malty, soda cracker notes of pale malt. A smooth mouthfeel combined with flavors of raw earthiness make for a refreshing profile.

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