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Peace and Calm – the Long Weekend is GONE

Back to life! Back to Reality!

It’s amazing that as long as we wait for a long weekend to come – dream about it – plan – it’s over before we know it! Long weekends do that to you. It’s the unpacking, it’s the laundry, it’s the probably sunburn and even the sore muscles from all the walking you’ve probably done. (or maybe you chillaxed by your pool with friends, you lucky duck!)

Either way, we feel that a pamper session is in order! Why not ease those aches and pains and take a little “After Long Weekend Pamper Session”? (Like really, do we need a reason? But let’s go with it anyways!)  Here are 3 great ways to relax and find your inner self:


Have you ever been in a Float Tank? Everyone needs to experience this at least once in their lifetime! (Believe us, you’ll probably do it again) Imagine an hour in a salt water solution where you are all buoyant and darkness. At Float Tank Barrie you can hook up your phone to your Float Tank and play calming music. We suggest the sound of rain or even thunderstorms! Gotta admit that Loons on the Lake is a personal favourite! Right now Float Tank Barrie is having a sale of where you buy 1 float and get your second float for $3! Yup, their 3rd Anniversary Summer Sales Event. After an exhausting long weekend, a couple of floats is what Dr. Barrie Uncovered orders for you!


Now that we’ve got you all nice and relaxed, lets take it up a notch and we are thinking: MASSAGE. (it’s not a dirty word!) Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa recently opened their second location in Barrie North. But if you are a southie, well then you can check them out HERE. You can conveniently book your session online on their site. Hand & Stone promises to relieve tension, soothe tired muscles and ease headaches through their services. Oh and pssstttt…..they also have a private sanctuary reserved for Couples Massage. Bow Chika WOW WOW! (okay, not like that, but I when do you get a chance to say Bow Chika WOW WOW?)

Okay, lets do a check point:

Float Tank? CHECK!

Massage? CHECK!


Now what? Yep – we have one more suggestion – YOGA. Everyone in Barrie knows about Anahata Yoga and they are ready and willing to help you stretch out those muscles. Check out our how-to video for beginners HERE. Anahata Yoga offers more than just a good stretch they also do something called Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state of being, a heightened state of awareness which allows you to experience the present moment fully and completely.

Honestly, I think we just nailed a self care Hat Trick! You deserve to take care of the inner you and find some comfort and peace. Having a long weekend is so much fun and most times, we do for others during the extra day. This “After Long Weekend” session is all about YOU. After all, it’s only fair that you get your turn. Enjoy!

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