The waters surrounding what’s allowed on the beach this year are murky. But as the sunbathing season rapidly approaches, people want to know…

Are the beaches actually open?

Life’s A Beach: Pandemic Rules For Lakeside

Yes, beaches are open to the public, just as parks are open for general use.

Just like green spaces in city parks across Barrie, folks are permitted to hang along the the sandy stretches of Centennial and Minet’s Point.

So long as visitors stick to physical distancing, they’re free to tan or BBQ, or even wade into the water.

The usual rules apply: maintain six feet of distance between individuals, or risk getting a hefty fine.

Meetings of more than five people are still banned, as per orders from the Premier, unless everyone is from the same household.

At Centennial, the basketball courts are open. And even though frisbee and volleyball are go-to sports at the beach, as with all team sports,  playing in groups is still off the books.

Paddling and boating is fully allowed, as marinas have been open for a few weeks.


Remember to collect all garbage and dispose of it on your own, as custodial services are at a minimum.

And lifeguards won’t be present, so full on swimming is discouraged.

But, a half beach life is better than none. So enjoy the sand and sun! Safely.

We should note that some Barrie area beaches (such as Innisfil) are restricting visitors to residents. Wasaga Beach is also closing parking lots to deter out of towners.

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