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I’m gonna pop some tags!

What? What? What? What?

Oh you know you loved that song until you read the lyrics! (ok correction, until *we read the lyrics, haha!) Life has changed. Well, some things have. Life has changed from the days of the Sally Ann and the days of the musty used store in a seedy little town.  Even the word “used” has been spruced up into positive sounding descriptors.  “Second Fiddle” “Twice Around” …..even bargain stores get new handles among the crowd, “Giant Tiger” becomes “G.T. Boutique”, “Value Village” becomes “Double V”.  Yes, life has changed in some ways, but when it comes to looking good, we all still want to achieve the best killer outfit on a budget.  Sure, minimum wage went up – but so did everything else.  fffffff!

Now we all know many thrift stores in Barrie – Value Village – the new Talize and a handful of small ones around, but none of those are quite like Stuff.  First of all, Stuff was started with plenty of love for Barrie.  No, seriously.  Barrie Uncovered spoke with owner, Chad Smith and he told us, “I worked for Goodwill for 25 years and both my wife and I got laid off when Goodwill closed down, it was the only thing we knew……we started Stuff and hired many of the employees who were laid off, just like us.”  Chad worked really hard to get Stuff going and does many of the displays himself, as well – when a customer needed help carrying out a table – we watched Chad carry it himself.  There’s something about that sort of small town feeling that many just don’t experience anymore.


Barrie Uncovered recently did a shopping challenge with a couple of great girls, Amanda and Mary.  We challenged them to find a bunch of outfits in Stuff.  We had a hilarious time and would you believe we spent hours in the store?  There is so much to look thru!  All clothing is organized according to size, short sleeves, long sleeves, men and women, etc., etc…’s very easy to walk through and find a find.  Stuff is an upscale Thrift Store that is cared for with a passion for Barrie.  The store is bright, smells like rainbows and if you are lucky and go on the right day, you may also find yourself a unicorn!  (for reals, *wink) Don’t forget there are two locations – one on Bryne Drive in the old Goodwill, and the other on Dunlop St – a quick walk from the bus depot if you want to take a look around in between bus rides.  (Do it!)


Check out the video of our shopping extravaganza at Stuff

And one more thing, show us what you find!  Tag #barrieuncovered when you get that great outfit, or cookie jar or even unicorn!  Heck, even tag #stuffshoppeinc !  Your next shopping adventure awaits! 

Go pop some tags!
What? What? What? What?

Written by: Sharon Johnston | Images by: Stephen Elliot

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