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Get Your Game On – Labyrinth Games & Cafe

Get Your Game On - Warhammer 40K

42nd Millennium – The Emperor has gained control of the Galaxy.  Even with the injuries sustained during the Horace Heresy era he rules; protecting humanity.
A husk of a man, he resides in his Golden Chamber more dead than not.  Using his physic abilities, the battles are directed from afar.

For over 3 decades now of table top play, Warhammer 40K has come full circle to a new beginning.

Likely the most iconic fantasy board game ever played, Warhammer now moves to the Age of Sigmar.  The change comes with less regiment maneuvering in rank and file to a looser, more level playing field in Age of Sigmar.  As the game evolves players can fine tune their armies and strategies.

There will be an ever-growing number of new factions to support the Stormcast Eternals in their battle against Warriors of the Chaos god Khorne.

Once again it’s time to start collecting and readying the troops.

Preparing Yourself!

If you want to take part in the adventure – then prepare yourself now.  Forget the power of technology – read Codex Imperialis for all the back lore of the story.

Even better yet – talk to gamer Chris Rice, Owner of Labyrinth Games & Café in south end Barrie.

Chris has taken part in tournaments all over North America and even offers to paint the miniature collectable game pieces for some.

For All Collectors of Game Merch..

As Labyrinth owner, Chris realized that not everyone is a Warhammer gamer; also satisfying collectors of Pokémon, Dungeon and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering and dice!

When the world re-opens Labyrinth is a very cool place to visit!  Becoming a member or not – it’s the “in place” to recharge while gaming – earning valuable merchandise points.

Memberships Available

As a member though you can join exclusive events and purchase items for members only.

Chris also has an in-house 3-d printer available for your special projects.


With much to offer the community, Chris and Marjorie Rice take it one step further allowing local artists to hang their art as well.

They assist in selling the art for a small commission.

Chris tells us that they would really love a Super Hero artist to send their art in; there’s a very good market for that.


So Readers, Get Your Game On at Labyrinth Games & Cafe

Open for on-line orders and curbside pick up – get your game on and check it out!

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Steve Elliott

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