Find Your Spot in Barrie

    Forest Bathing is kind of like hiking through the forest or taking a slow walk in the woods and absorbing the surroundings with all your senses. Find your Spot in Barrie brings you a list of all the outdoor playgrounds that you may or may not have known about – in one easy list, giving you lots of things to do.

    Find Your Spot in Barrie:

    Find Your Spot in Barrie

    Sunnidale Park

    Sunnidale Park is a vast 48.6 acres with a variety of inclusive play areas and lots of space for Forest Bathing. There is an online, interactive tree walk that was added last fall. Visitors to the park can learn about the unique ecosystems in Barrie, how to identify tree species and the importance of forests for wildlife.

    Find Your Spot in Barrie

    The Gables

    The Gables Park located off Hurst Drive is one of Barrie’s hidden gems. With over 35 acres of nature-filled pathways, there can be hours of serenity found here. The park has an incredible history as well, but more on that another time. This is a great place to enjoy.

    Find Your Spot in Barrie

    Ardagh Bluffs

    Ardagh Bluffs is a sprawling 518-acre nature reserve in Barrie’s southwest end. With more than 17 kilometres of trails and about 184 meters of elevation gain, there is something for even the most serious of serenity seekers. Don’t be surprised if you share space with wildlife in this beautiful, environmentally protected haven.

    Find Your Spot in Barrie

    Wilkins Walk

    Wilkins Walk might be small, but it’s a mighty way to spend an afternoon communing with nature. This spot has it all. You meander through the forest happening across small streams, ravines, meadows and of course, beautiful Lake Simcoe. A fantastic way to share space with the outdoors.

    Find Your Spot in Barrie

    Tiffin Centre

    Tiffin Centre is the ‘go big or go home’ space to spend outdoor time in. Even though it’s a 15-minute drive from the centre of town, you’ll have a 300-acre nature reserve dedicated to both recreation and education. At Tiffin, you’ll find six distinct walking trails that are clearly marked as to levels of difficulty. With 17 kilometres of trails in total, there is something for everyone.

    Find Your Spot in Barrie

    Find Your Spot in Barrie

    Each of the areas listed in Find Your Spot in Barrie is perfect for the outdoor serenity we all need. However, if the cold season is not your thing, another option is to head down to BLiSS Ann Green Yoga Studio for one of the most serene atmospheres in Barrie. BLiSS offers a multitude of possibilities for distressing and finding some inner peace. Really, it’s all about the quiet sometimes, isn’t it?

    For more reading on how to find your tranquil self, click here.

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    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Veronica Kovecses

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