Find Your 'Meant 2 Be' in Barrie

Find your ‘Meant 2 Be’ in Barrie. Getting back to the dating scene is often challenging.  Dating again when you are still nervous after being shut in for so long is difficult.  Not everyone has the confidence to go back to meeting new people and dating, especially when so many things have changed.  If you are afraid to meet new people and start dating again, you are certainly not alone.

Getting Back to the Dating Scene

Find Your 'Meant 2 Be' in Barrie

Meant 2 Be Relationship Coach, Karen Ann has some real-time help for you.  As a two-time divorcee that has gone through the ‘dating wringer’, Karen has studied and uncovered what works.

What Should a Couple Talk About on a Date?

Find Your 'Meant 2 Be' in Barrie

Dates should be fun and romantic.  However, sometimes they can be awkward and uncomfortable too.  Many people don’t know what to talk about with their date and end up sitting in awkward silence.  Karen Ann, of Meant 2 Be Relationship Coaching, has been there and done that.  That’s why she’s created an event to introduce singles to each other in a  stress-free manner this month at the Queens.

How to Have a Good First Date

Find Your 'Meant 2 Be' in Barrie

A first date can be a nerve-wracking experience for some people. Some of us may feel as though we have to put on an act and pretend that everything is going well when in reality it might not be.  By hosting a Singles Event, Karen starts the night off in fun, and relieves that awkward pressure, giving everyone the time to relax and enjoy the evening.


Find Your Meant 2 Be in Barrie This Month

Find Your 'Meant 2 Be' in Barrie

Karen likes to use analogies to make easier sense of things.  For instance, if you’re missing your first mate to enjoy boating season with, find your perfect crew member on the water.  Whenever you’re around or in the water, keep your eyes open for someone enjoying being there as much as you are.

If you’re looking online, make sure you know what your requirements, wants and needs are. That allows quick sorting out of those that just don’t reach your most minimum expectations.

Singles Events

Find Your 'Meant 2 Be' in Barrie

The best way to meet someone is in person.  So attending events that like-minded singles like yourself would find enjoyable is much easier than sifting through online profiles looking for ‘the one.’

Why a Relationship Coach?

Find Your 'Meant 2 Be' in Barrie

If you’re finding that your dates aren’t as successful as you want them to be, it’s possible that you may need some assistance with your online dating profile, learn how to be more confident, or just a fresh perspective.  Coaching could be just what would help.  It’s an excellent option for those who are dipping their toes into the dating world for the first time in a while of need a little extra support to feel confident on a date. Some people struggle to find what type of person they want to date.  Maybe you’re too busy with your career to find someone for yourself. That’s where Karen Ann really helps.  Taking a small amount of time now, with Karen Ann, may give you the hours of romance and contentment that you’re really looking forward to .  Allow Karen to help you find your ‘Meant 2 Be’ relationship at her event this month.  You owe yourself some time – don’t you?

To learn more about Meant 2 Be Relationship Coaching, click here.

Is it Meant2Be?

Written By: Jane Laker

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