We came across a great place for a coffee and cakes with a twist. 

    If you love Harry Potter, Board Games and Memorabilia you have try out Freaky Wizard.


    Jamie and Joem met through their love of collectable toys. They started by buying and selling toys at shows. They then came up with the idea of opening a toy shop. The shop they found was four times the size they require. 

    So they did some brainstorming so they can utilize the whole space. They came up with Freaky Wizard a place where you can play board games and enjoy a coffee and cakes. 

    You have to go a see for yourself to see how unique this coffee shop is. 

    Jamie and Joem built and designed nearly all of the interior, all apart from the tables.

    Harry Potter and so much more!

    Harry Potter is a big part of the theme of the shop, but there is so much more. Over 200 board games for you to try, you can buy collectable toys, you can even get your own potions and wand

    All while having a great cup of coffee, they have their own special blend provided by Beaver Rock.

    The decorations are original, wonderful and gothic, a geeks paradise.

    Like everyone else Freaky Wizard has been hit by COVID. Just opening last July they couldn’t have picked a worse time to open. They have survived though and from what we can see, should thrive now.

    More to Come!

    They have some great ideas for the future. 

    They will be doing quiz nights, Harry Potter will be at the forefront of these. 

    They are also looking at live music and maybe comedy nights.

    Such a Great Space!

    If you are looking for somewhere to meet they also have a large room at the rear of the shop were you can hold meetings. For team building it is a great space for your company to meet and have fun.

    There is much more to Freaky Wizards, you need to go and see for yourself. One last but important point, Joem and Jamie are very friendly and the whole place is very welcoming; it is somewhere once seen you will continue to go back to.

    Written by: Ian Hendrie

    Photo Credits: Stephen Elliott

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