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13 Things To Do In Barrie In June

Ladies Night out in Barrie

Self Improvement, Outdoor Activities, and Much More For You To Enjoy This Month

As we’ve mused recently, it seems as though 2019 is whipping by at Warp 9. So it is absolutely vital that we all get out and start enjoying the warm weather! Because before you know it…this happens…

Look, we’re sorry to have done that. But now you feel far more motivated to jump off the couch, right?? So get thee out of the house and try…


Self improvement is one of the many things we tend to let slide as life gets busier. Don’t neglect yourself this month!

Barrie offers a boatload of options for personal enrichment; including continuing education course at Georgian, language courses at College Boreal, multiple types of yoga, and training in meditation.

If Yoga and meditation are areas in particular you’d like to explore, check out this class introduction from Sarah Melody.


Besides the terrific assortment of walking and hiking trails in town, June is the unofficial kickoff of the outdoor season in Barrie. Late in the month is the premier of the Outdoor Movies season from the Barrie Film Festival.

And on June 9th the Local Love Market returns to the east end of the city. The event features 25 vendors, including artisans, awesome food, and interactivity. You can find stuff for bath, body, health + wellness, jewelry, and clothing.

And don’t forget about the Barrie Baycats! The reigning IBL champs have a number of home games this month, tickets are just $5


There is never a shortage of live music options in Barrie, and June will see a boatload of talented artists take the stage this month.

And if you fancy yourself the next Drake, you can put your talent on the line at the Simcoe Rising Star Challenge on June 23rd at the Ferndale Banquet Hall.

But if you are looking for more of a cerebral night out, consider this low key night at Flying Monkey’s. It’s a free non-partisan get-together and open discussion for anyone interested in learning about and getting involved in politics.

And of course, if it’s just the wobbly pop you are keen on, you can take the weight off at one of the great patios in town with an adult beverage from a local craft brewery.

Barrie Brewery Tour for Date Night


Ever wonder how everyone is making those charming rustic signs and gifts that you can’t get out of a store without buying? A local designer wants to show you how…and did we mention, there is WINE!

On June 27th a workshop is being held at Heritage Estate Winery & Cidery where you can get introduced to Chalk Couture, a simple DIY home decor system that is uber popular.

And just in time for Father’s Day, the Speakcheesy is putting together a boozey afternoon of Scotch and Cheese for the man of the house. Trust us when we say, just about EVERY Dad would be enthused about spending their day with snacks and whiskey.

Outdoor Movies, Pictures With Batman and Comedy Nights: 3 Awesome Things To Do In Barrie This Weekend

Check Here For An Updated List of Things To Do In Barrie This Weekend

Hard to believe that Saturday marks the 1st of June…as in, HALFWAY THROUGH 2019. The speed at which this year is passing has us wondering if Earth has drifted too close to a black hole and altered our time space perceptions.

C’mon, it’s possible! Like in Interstellar. The Christopher Nolan movie?

…anyway. The point is that we should take a page out of The Dead Poet’s Society playbook and get down to some major Carpe Diem this weekend. And as per usual, there is a ton to do in and around the city by the Lake.


Twinkies at the ready! As part of the annual Celebrate Barrie festivities, the Barrie Film Festival and the City of Barrie present a free screening of Ghostbusters. It’s happening at Centennial beach at dusk, with popcorn and soda on hand. (Although if you get down there early, you can watch the big screen go up, which is a very cool sight to behold)

This is a totally free event, so all you need to bring is a chair or a blanket. And the twinkies.


The Automotive Business School of Canada presents the annual Georgian Auto Show, which is the largest outdoor student-run automotive show in North America.

This event is a must for gear heads and auto enthusiasts, with a truck full of activities on hand. There will be dog shows, off roading car tours, motorcycle exhibits…and Batman. The Dark Knight AND his Batmobile will be there from 10-5 on Saturday and Sunday for pictures. (And it’s not one of the lame Batmobiles from the Joel Schumaker “movies”… it’s the classic Michael Keaton version) It’s a ticketed event but you can pay at the door.


It’s another jammed packed weekend of gigs in Barrie, with a ton of great bands at the Foxx Lounge and Canadian alternative legends Lowest of the Low coming to Mavrick’s on Saturday.

On Saturday, Perplexcity presents their second monthly comedy night, as Headliner Nigel Grinstead takes the mic. A veteran of the stand up circuit, he’s appeared on Just For Laughs and at the Halifax Comedy Festival. Special guests Ricardo Mejias, Arianna Pile, & Greg Enright are on the ticket as well.


Bring the clan to Minesing for a chance to see Simcoe’s fleet of emergency vehicles. This is a family-friendly event, where residents will be provided with tours of Paramedic Services vehicles, including ambulances, rapid response units, and the mobile command unit

Hey, Wasaga Beach Go-ers! Stop in Barrie

As a local in Barrie, life changes with the weather.  In Winter, we have all the skiers, ice fishers and snow tubers.  (Is a snow tuber a potato?)  In Summer, we have the Wasaga Beach goers who fill up the 400, fill up Bayfield and basically just drive thru Barrie.  Well, we have a word for you, STOP!  No, really.  Stop in Barrie.  C’mon! (please?)

Barrie is more than a drive thru

Anything Wasaga can do, Barrie can do better!  Barrie can do anything better than you!

No, you can’t.

Yes, we can. No, you can’t.

Yes, we can,

Yes, we can!

(you’ll be singing that for the rest of the day) So let us ask you this – are you looking for beaches?  We’ve got 4 major ones!  We’ll tell you a secret – most people travelling through Barrie only check out Centennial Park Beach, Allandale Station Park Beach and Minet’s Point Beach. 

Awesome fun in Barrie!

Us locals go to Johnson’s Beach.  You’ll find Johnson’s Beach just south of Blake Street and Johnson Street.  It isn’t that far from downtown, just a 5-minute drive.  Why would you want to check out Johnson’s Beach?  Less crowded, for one.  Secondly, it’s walking distance from a No Frills.  Maybe you just want to stop on your way to Wasaga and the kids need a snack.  Johnson’s Beach is the perfect spot to win with a twofer. 

Why should I stop in Barrie?

You’ve probably just got off the biggest parking lot ever – the 400.  Summer driving on the 400 can be rough.  By the time you are getting off that Bayfield Exit to head to Wasaga Beach, you still have a 30-minute drive in front of you.  As well, you are probably going to be driving single file all the way into Wasaga because chances are, if you are on the highway getting off on Bayfield – you aren’t a local Barrie driver. (we stay away from the highway on weekends) So you are part of the single file crowd.  Here’s our best suggestion for you – STOP in Barrie!  Let’s take care of 3 issues for you, so you know where to stop.

Feed the Hungry Monster in Barrie!

Surely, you know what the Hungry Monster is?  There is a very fine line between nice and naughty.  The Hungry Monster defines this line.  In our past experience, it’s not just a kid thing.  There are a few grownups out there who have the Hungry Monster Approach and need to be fed to keep it in line.  (*cough *cough *my *hubby *cough) Are you looking for brunch?  Click over here to see the Best Brunch in Barrie.  Barrie Uncovered has put together some of the best spots to have brunch.  Each place is just a short drive from hwy 400 and not out of your way.  If you don’t really want to get off of Bayfield then we would suggest that you try TBH, The Breakfast House.  Once you get off the 400, keep your eyes peeled to the right-hand side for it.  Oh, and one more place that you just can’t pass up – Dunlop Street Diner

Barrie Uncovered did an awesome spotlight on Amanda Rider, the head chef from Dunlop Street Diner.  Conveniently right on the main strip, Dunlop Street in Barrie, go get some great food!

If you are looking to eat some healthy food in Barrie – we got you covered!  Click HERE and see what we have to say about a couple of great healthy restaurants while you are here.

Stop for beer at Flying Monkeys

What?  You didn’t know that Flying Monkeys was made in Barrie? Did you know that Barnstormer Brewery and Distilling Co. is in Barrie, too?  What?  Hit up the LINK and we’ll tell you about the Brewery Tours you can go on and maybe even make a date of it! Let us tell you this tho….Flying Monkeys is quite the experience and the food is great!

Stop for great local music!

You also want to make sure that you check out our Entertainment in Barrie. We always keep you updated on the who and where.  Check out the link to find the most updated happenings and goings on for live music and events in Barrie!

Are you convinced?

We really want you Wasaga Beach Campers to stop in Barrie and check us out!  We’ve got it all and more!  And in case you didn’t hear it the first time, just let us say….

Anything Wasaga can do, Barrie can do better!  Barrie can do anything better than you! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can!

Written by: Sharon Johnston | Images by: Stephen Elliot